Fresh off the Corner: CSG celebrates its 1 year!


A couple of weekends ago the good fellas at Corner Store Goods invited the AO team out to the illustrious Burn Rubber shoe store for their 1 year anniversary/Pop Up shop event. Hosted after-hours, the brand showed love to its folks, introducing some new pieces from their collection, ranging from tees to hoodies, just in time for the fall. The spirits were flowing, the mood was lovely, and the fellas behind the brand kept everybody in the loop.

I briefly spoke with the crew about the brand, with its origins coming from the owners all meeting up at MSU; two of them being brothers and growing from there as a collective after sharing a common idea. Through the love of the people, the line has already came far with their pieces going fast and of course them being housed in one of the most popular sneaker stores in Michigan, Burn Rubber. A tall feat indeed for only a year, the brand seems to not be losing any steam with theirs designs harping in between boldness in design patterns while maintaining a subtle look that’s perfect for every day wear.

Me being newly acquainted to the business, I showed up to kinda familiarize myself with Corner Store Goods and witness the type of folks to come out to support as well as get to know the homegrown team. A variety of people came through to show love and it was interesting to see the styles, looks, and different faces that came out to support and celebrate something with a big future derived from our backyard. The brand should be housed for a couple more weeks so if you get the chance stop on by 306 S Main St in Royal Oak, Burn Rubbers base of operations, and check them out, cop, chop it up, and show love!!!

You can also hit their site at for all their merch and more info!!-








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