For Honor : A Song of War

Guns. Friends. Online. This is usually the formula for having a successful multiplayer online experience. Very few games allow us to share the glory of an up close and personal steel to steel battles without it being relegated to an RPG game add-on or side scrolling hack and slash adventure. For Honor fills this void offering a true PVP experience featuring the SAMURAI, VIKINGS, AND KNIGHTS!!!

For Honor is set in a period where all 3 factions are in a warring state. For storyline purposes, this conflict is antagonized by the mysterious woman in black armor, Apollyon. Her motive is to keep the gears of war moving, so this game centers around this conflict amongst the warring clans. The matches online are  4V4 so naturally, I enlisted the aid of my 3 fellow brothers in arms about their personal experience after about a week or so of us in thick of war. These are their stories…(And Gamertags)

Q (QtheUsurper)

The thing that makes For Honor the most enjoyable, for me, is being able to wage good ol medieval war with my friends. There are obviously tons of multiplayer war games but the time frame and class options are near a perfect fit for the group of people I play with. A variety of character typing allows us to create warriors that are clear reflections of how we are and on the battlefield, the real life chemistry comes through. Especially in modes like Dominion where I spend a lot of time darting around the field capturing bases and reviving the fallen. To me, that is a direct translation to how I operate in the real world. I’m out here jugging these moves for the squad and if somebody falls down, I’m on the way to scoop them up without hesitation. The only thing I’ve seen bring us this close, gaming wise, is Pokemon but the war factor gives it more edge.  My comrades and I running amok in a Skyrim-esp world (minus the magic and dragons) is a for sure winner with me.

CJ (CoreyOfEarth)

I am by no means great at For Honor, I’m decent but the amount of skill it requires to be good is what brings me back to it. There aren’t any easy kills. There isn’t any camping and there aren’t moments when you are killed by some idiot spamming a single attack unless you are fucking terrible. It almost reminds me of an old school RPG; you have to grind, you have to sit your ass down and learn your character. In saying that, It’s what makes me appreciate the nuances of each playable character. The timing for each characters blocks, swings, combos and parries can vary greatly and with a variety to choose from it creates some of the most interesting combat scenarios I have ever seen in any game. My absolute favorite part about the game is the parry system which can be used to leave your enemy open for an attack, grab or allows you to retreat. The most satisfying feeling (for me at least) is when an opponent thinks they have you and you parry their attack into a nice clean string of combos. Doing this requires so much skill and timing on all fronts. I’m positive it’s the reason I die most of the time lol had I just did a regular block I would’ve survived is what I think but nothing tops parrying your full health opponent and cracking their ass until their fuckin mush.

Floyd (Floyd500)

I enjoy being apart of something bigger than me. Countless adventures drenched in triumph, death, and honor. Brothers of different creeds joining together to reign supreme. Bloody fun mate, bloody fun. I also enjoy the feel of the gameplay. Different weapons will move and feel different within the game. It gives me a rush, feeling my two axes tear through the air and my enemies flesh. Speaking of flesh, I also enjoy the overall graphics. My war wounds on the battlefield make it all worth it. It’s a marvelous feeling to destroy your opponent while covered in fresh blood.  Not knowing if it’s mine or from a previous enemy.  In this game, I’ve realized who I was in my past life, a savage Viking that wants nothing more than to kill and drink the blood of my enemies on my way to Valhalla.

Mars (MagnusTheBomber)

To add anything else would be an echo of my comrade’s words. What would make this title excellent is if it gets its server issues under wrap. What stops this game from soaring is its issues with joining or staying in games, but with time, hopefully it’ll be fixed. Overall, this game is war. War is fun.

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