Detroit Royalty: Kash Doll

Kaaash Doooll” as she introduces herself on every track. This Detroit baddie, a stripper turned rapper is making waves from her consistency and social media presence. First blowing up in Detroit from being the stripper to see at the club to the biggest local rapper in the city with tracks like “Run Me Money” and “For Everybody”.

Kash Doll moved to Atlanta and had a crummy contract with a Detroit label that prevented her from putting out new music and having the kind of management she wanted to for two years. During that time she performed all over the country at clubs, colleges, and any show to keep music circulating. She did features for artists Geuringer the 13th, LaBritney, Shy Glizzy, Big Sean and more to create new music for her fans, and used her social media to keep people interested. She even won the “Issa Wave” award at the BET Social Awards.

Recently, Kash Doll has gotten out of her shady contract and released a new mixtape “Brat Mail” full of bangers that her old and new fans alike can bop to. Her boastful, gritty, and pretty lyrics appeal to the toughest and the most bougie. Kash Doll has been on BET Hip Hop Award Cyphers, modeled swimsuits for Tammy Rivera, and has had her foot on everyone’s neck just waiting for her big opportunity to come, and 2018 is definitely the Year of Kash Doll. Check out her music and get hip.

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