Convos on Fashion over Apricot Wheels with Bree Gant

Shortly after the release of the Detroit Clothing Circle & Rock City Lookbook collab of pictorial greatness I was able to meet with the lead photographer and editor, Bree Gant, to speak more about the mag itself. The magazine consists of 3 different shoots from spring, summer, and winter of last year. The images in the magazine are so well put together that when Bree told me that I was in awe. The models are fashion and art enthusiasts wearing pieces from Detroit Clothing Circle, which is a high-end thrift store if you will, who also promotes local designers. There are a couple of garments from Serch-n-Destroy and Skandoughless featured as well. 

The more and Bree and myself spoke about Detroit's potential as a fashion realm, the more hopeful I grew. While the city already has a look, per say, young creatives feel the need to put a stamp on fashion with their own flavor. "Our mission is bringing artist together, really being a cornerstone of the tastemaking and art making scene in Detroit. Being a hub for that." Bree explains. "We want to cultivate influences and artist of actual Detroit". With both brands fueling a push distinctiviness, there's plenty to look forward to from Detroit Clthing Circle & Rock City Lookbook such as summer events as well as a fashion talk series.

Below are a few exclusives photos that Bree took this year. With her permission, of course, I'm more than happy to release these images (honored actually). She wishes to do more editorial shooting and from the looks of everything, she will. Soon.

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