Coldest Summer Ever: Tina Snow Album Review

Megan Thee Stallion is a shit talking pretty pimp straight out of Texas. Her cadence is much like Chyna White and Pimp C had a hood romance and birthed a love child. Her debut “Tina Snow” is perfect from the cover alone. Looking like a black Marilyn Monroe on the cover of Playboy, you are immediately intrigued.

The cover is fire, and luckily the music matches. Her nasty rhymes remind you of early Trina and Khia with songs like “Freak Nasty” where she says things like “Call this pussy Pootie Tang cuz I got that runny kind” and “Rich bitch pussy only cum for a check. This self-proclaimed pimp gives you an amazing soundtrack for your dick appointment.

One of the biggest themes in hip-hop has always been self-confidence. She follows through with songs like “Hot Girl” and “Cocky Af”. It’s seldom the sex-positive raps come with tons of metaphors, but this Queen is just as poetic as she is freaky. With only a few features and a lot of great bars, Thee Stallion shows she is anything but amateur, and that she has her surfboard ready for the emerging female rapper wave going on hip-hop right now.

“Tina Snow” is full of lines about taking your man, pimping male hoes, country realness, and twerktastic jams. Put this in your summer rotation.


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