Children building robots? ACI program inspires the world!

These past few days have revealed to us what happens when people decide to go out and do evil things but in the midst of that ugliness are other people trying to do some good in the world. People like Olaoluwa Balogun, graduate of Obafemie Awolowo University in Nigeria, and creator of the ACI Computer Education organization; whose function is to teach children about technology and equip them with the tools to go on to become engineers and computer programmers.


Of the 30 million school aged children less than ⅓ is expected to continue in their studies but the ACI aims to change that by providing a more hands on approach to learning. One of the cool programs in the organization is teaching the children to build robots! Founded in 2011 and dubbed ‘Project 10,000 Kids’, this program takes 50 kids from 200 secondary schools in Nigeria plus 50 kids from the Kids and Teens Resource Center , and 100 kids from two orphanages in Lagos and teach them about robotics and coding. Children as young as 10 are learning to code, program, and build working robots! The ACI’s website states

“Our problem is that we are not comfortable with the educational system in Africa. Our job is simple! To provide in-depth technology education to youths below age 30. An education that is result-centric and not certificate-centric! Our goal is to see a great proportion of Nigerian youth become computer programmers and tech enthusiasts in few years to come”

It looks like they are well on their way to doing just that, in fact, just in 2013 a 10yr old in the program passed the Microsoft Certification Examination being the world’s youngest to do so at that time. It’s so cool and refreshing to see an organization do what is in the best interests of the children and not just what looks good on paper, or to be so wrapped up in test scores it ignores the needs of its students. If you wanna check out the program you can on their website at they also have a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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