Billionaire Sophia x Good Mornings

A lot of the music I hear lately is a 90s redo or the same style of everything else on the radio, but Billionaire Sophia’s Good Mornings single sounds nothing like you’ve been listening to. With sweet raps and even sweeter vocals this song and video makes you tap into your alternative side. The good vibes from this song will make you bump this every time you awake. Check it out below.

Here Sis x Rosie Oh My God feat. Monalyse & Crystal The Doll

So often other women think we want their man when it’s not even like that. Sometimes you just have to tell her “here sis, get ya nigga”. Three Detroit baddies Rosie Oh My God, Monalyse, and Crystal The Doll team up to set things straight. Monalyse and Crystal are excellent features giving the song pretty girl bars to accompany Rosie’s high energy and sassy lyrics.

Check the song out below

COFFIN CORP presents: Milfie ‘Green Skies’ video

After nearly a year, everyone's favorite Milfie drops a video over the weekend for her single Green Skies, directed by Joe Hendo and produced by Gothfathur. Green Skies exudes staying in YOUR bag; simply minding your business and getting money. As Milfie explains, "...and we all know that with business minding there's usually some haters mad because they wanna' ride your wave but can't," which I'm sure plenty of us can vouch for with our own experiences.

Green Skies will be featured on an upcoming project from collective Coffin Corp sometime next month. During the video, there's a bit of a surprise...more like a sneak peak from Milfie, produced by Blaaq Gold. Enjoy!


Layna Lavish x I Do

Layna Lavish is a Detroit beauty with matching bars, booty, and attitude to keep you enticed and make you a fan of hers. Her latest release “I Do” is just in time for the summer. Telling these bitches they can’t do it like she can, this is the perfect song to get ready to before you’re about to kill em at the club. After listening to this track I definitely kept repeating “I be making em mad. I be making em mad.” Whenever you need to feed your ego, play this track!

Back For More” EP – Mandi Rose

Music gives us feelings. Sometimes it makes us sad, angry, complacent, hopeful, horny, or my favorite emotion...happy. Mandi Rose knows how to make happy music to put some pep in your step and sunshine in your heart. Her latest EP “Back for More” is full of tracks that lighten up your mood.

Her song “Roll One” describes the exact reason why I indulge in smoking with it’s happy and trippy sound. Another feel good track is “Back For More” giving you the confidence to slide in the DMs of your crush or go for round two with your boo while in the bed.

Rose’s EP isn’t full of one-dimensional happiness though, her track “Don’t Go Away” describes the kind of relationship we’ve all been in and didn’t want to let go. My fav track “Hennessy” is me on any Friday night I’m yearning for a drink, a toke, and a man as Mandi croons over the track singing “just like my Hennessy you are my remedy”. Her use of instruments, her folk-like voice, and relatable lyrics make this EP a great one to put in your summer playlist.

New Music: Phil Swish – Tempted Premonitions

Phil Swish introduce us to another scenario through his eyes, in a literal sense. The idea of premonitions and the mystery that trails behind it is one that many may see the conflict in, whilst others seek more of. In this case, despite his experiences with this phenomenon Swish is determined to rise above what he sees. The troubles that soon come after living a certain lifestyle. The end point.

Phil explains…

In order to reach our goals in life we must first visualize what those goals are, and discern what they mean to us. The word dream often has a positive connotation. While we’re in a peaceful state physically and mentally; for some, dreams begin to occur. Others are inflicted with nightmares/terrors in which describable yet, agonizing grief/pain and discomfort take place. Both, are very vital at times and give us a glimpse into pleasures/desires and fears; we either want or do not want to occur

To set tone, Lord Gulley produced this track giving it a hypnotizing feel along with a sample from Motown’s own Temptations, Just My Imagination. This creates an ideal eeriness. It resonates and helps us put our own woes into perspective. Check’em out below!

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