Kesha’s Fight for Freedom

Kesha, a pop artist signed to Sony, has been in the news lately. Not for the typical paparazzi photos, or because she has a new album coming out, but because she is a victim of rape. Kesha says that her producer Dr. Luke raped and brainwashed her for years and she has petitioned the courts to get out of her contract with Sony Music so she would never have to work with him again.

For almost a year Kesha has endured many court dates testifying over and over about her sexual assault experiences and reliving her torture only to be denied, not once, but twice by New York judges saying that she is bound to her contract with Sony. Her contract requires her to not only make five more albums, but to work with Dr. Luke. Kesha also says that she was approached to say it was all a lie and everything would be forgiven on her part by Sony executives, but she refuses. FullSizeRender-26 Continue Reading

Killer Mike wants you to vote for Bernie Sanders

Right now we are in the primaries for the 2016 Presidential Election which means we are voting for the Democratic and Republican nominees who will run for president. The top two contenders for the Democratic ticket are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is the underdog in the race, but he most definitely has the coolest guy endorsing him, Atlanta rapper Killer Mike.

Always known for being a politically conscious rapper famous for his collabs with artists like Lupe Fiasco and Outkast, Killer Mike is trusted in hip hop. This past November he endorsed Bernie Sanders…

In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that Sen. Bernie Sanders is the right man to lead this country.

Killer Mike says he trusts Bernie Sanders because for over 50 years he has radically fought for the people. As an Independent Senator from Vermont who marched with Martin Luther King, has tirelessly fought to end capitalism and inequality, and has stood for the people he has rubbed many, including Killer Mike the right way.


Killer Mike has traveled the country endorsing Bernie Sanders in interviews, town hall meetings, and any other type of political forum he can get his hands on. He’s been featured on NPR, Huffington Post, the Bill Maher show and more. You might even say he’s been an important part of Bernie Sander’s campaign. This endorsement has given Sanders some attention from the hip hop community including T.I. and Bun B too.

Will an endorsement from Killer Mike persuade you to vote for Bernie Sanders?

For our brother, soldier, and friend MarShawn McCarrel II

On Monday evening at 6p.m. MarShawn McCarrel stood on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse, put a gun to his head and ended his life. There were no witnesses and no clues as to why he did it, although tweets and facebook posts just moments before hinted at what he planned to do. Hours before he updated his Facebook status “My demons won today, I’m sorry” and his last tweet reading “Let the record show I pissed on the statehouse before I left”.

McCarrel was only 23 years old at the time of his death but he had already made a name for himself most notably as a member of the Black Lives Matter Movement, having helped organize the Ohio protests after the killing of Michael Brown in 2014 at the hands of Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO. He also spearheaded a youth mentorship program Pursuing Our Dreams; and having been homeless for 3 month after graduating high school, he also started the Feed the Streets program; a program that helps feed Ohio’s homeless population. Earlier this year he was also given a Hometown Champion’s award by Radio One. This young man had a heart for people which is what his family suspects ultimately led to his death with his twin brother and mother stating he often put the cause before himself. This is something most Social Justice activists know all too well. This work is very taxing, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and physically. When you spend day in and day out fighting against the ugly nature of racism, world hunger, slavery, sexism, etc it begins to take a toll on you. Those things are the uglier side of human nature. Just this week Ohio officer Lee Cyr  has been placed on leave after he posted “Love a happy ending” next to his name under a thread about MarShawn’s suicide. This is the type of ugliness our brother was fighting against. But it’s even harder fighting our own demons sometimes. Continue Reading

Beyoncé SLAYS with Activistism

Beyoncé is one of the most powerful stars in the world and she is using her music, her videos, and her performances to bring light to issues Black America is facing like police brutality, inequality, and insecurity.

She randomly slayed us once again with her new video for her song “Formation“, a song with a strong message and even stronger images in the video. With lines like “I like my negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils” and “I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros” she addresses criticism of her husband’s and daughter’s black features. Often times black people are shamed for features like wide noses and kinky hair, but lines like this urge people to put that shaming to a rest and accept it for the beauty that it is.

Images in her video from post-Katrina New Orleans and police with their hands up are startling, but are directly reflective of issues plaguing the black community. From the constant killing of unarmed black citizens by the police and the government often leaving black people to suffer in times of crisis, Beyoncé addresses those issues with her ar

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Cabin Fever 3 | Wiz Khalifa

With this being a prolific year for Wiz Khalifa it is now an even better one for the fans with the anticipated Cabin Fever 3 releasing earlier this afternoon. It’s only right after his many accomplishments such as having one of the top albums of the year, breaking a record on spotify for the most downloads in a single day AND being in the double-digits as far as weeks on Billboards Hot 100. Whew! And now the internet is going crazy and so am I with no remorse. I mean yeah, 28 Grams was cool but it’s been about 3 years since Cabin Fever 2. It’s overflowing with features from 2 Chainz, Kevin Gates, Juicy J, longtime comrade Curren$y and many more! The production is also crazy! What a way to close out the year. Good shit indeed.


An Ode To Kobe



We all knew that this time would come, we just never really wanted to face it. One of the greatest players in our era, and of all time is finally stepping away from the hardwood. It’s a very sad, yet comforting feeling considering all that he’s given to the game, and all that he’s given to us as loyal fans and supporters. This isn’t about his efforts on the court as of recently, nor is it about that infamous line that Drake rapped on, “Stay Scheming,” back in 2012; (You wasn’t with me shooting in the gymmmm!) This is about a man who gave his heart and soul to the game that he loved the most. So if anything, we need to enjoy these last 50-60 games that we’ll be able to see The Black Mamba in action because to be quite honest, we probably will NEVER see anything like Kobe Bean Bryant ever again.


Farewell Black Mamba, Farewell.


I Literally Cannot: Unfair treatment amongst our children

I literally cannot with America anymore. Sometimes I wonder if this is all a big joke and if I’ll turn on the news and an anchor will announce that it’s all been an elaborate hoax. Donald Trump isn’t really running for President and Ben Carson is also a character actor in his spare time. Our joke of a political system isn’t what did it for me though. What did it for me was watching a grown man grab a young high school girl by her neck, drag her out of her desk and slam her on the ground. 1367508746785.cached

Let’s be clear, if someone is in high school they are still a child. And it wasn’t just a guy; it was a trained police officer. No she wasn’t brandishing weapon, she wasn’t attacking anyone either. She was guilty of having her phone out in class. According to other classmates she only had it out for a hot second. Not that it matters, I’m not sure when it became illegal to have your phone out, let alone it be an invitation to assault in such a way.  In any case, the teacher asked her to leave and when she said no the teacher called in the police. The officer asked her to come with him and she still refused and so, without hesitation, he grabs her drags her around in her desk before picking her up and choke slamming her on the floor. He broke her arm by the way. Not that anyone cares. All anyone seems to care about is that she didn’t listen to her authority figures. GASP! What?! A teenager thumbing their nose at authority?! I’ve never heard such a thing! Turns out this young girl lost her mother and grandmother recently and has been in foster care ever since and was new to the school in the first place. Clearly she has some issues going on but I think even if she didn’t she still deserves our sympathy. Why do we need a tragic back story to feel bad for her? Or to be outraged by what happened in that classroom? And, beyond that, why is it so easy for people to blame her and make excuses for an adult and an officer who should know better? Victim blaming is disturbing but it is especially disgusting when the victim is a child. First off, there are a myriad of ways that teacher could have handled that situation besides calling in an officer. The fact that he sat there and let that happen bothers me. Like, a lot.

If you were walking down the street or shopping wherever and saw a grown man, or woman, handling a child in that manner I highly doubt too many of us would wonder what the child did. We would probably step in and stop them or at the very least call the police. This is ironic to say considering an officer is the person abusing the child in this situation. Oh, and it is child abuse. You know, because she’s a child. No parent alive could get away with that, and I totally think her race is relevant but that’s only because I think people had such a hard time getting past her race they actually forgot that this is a child we’re talking about here. Continue Reading