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Since forever there has been natural remedies that’s been passed down from generations to generations. There wasn’t any man-made medicines or bath goods that were being mass-produced in factories. Some of the oldest records of using the earth to heal dates back to 2600 B.C.! Simply combining plants, herbs, spices, charcoal, clay, fruits & veggies etc. did enough to cure sickness or clear unwanted body acne. Even animal bone/fat were being used to aid gut-lining. I feel like back then the connection between the earth and humans were pure and strong. Respect didn’t only exist amongst human beings; at one point every living organism held a significance. No matter how big or small. I personally think that’s why so many survived with what grew around them opposed to some of the commercial products that we so desperately depend on today…which still harms us in many ways.

As of lately (lately as in “within the past few years”) the “natural” wave hit us in ways unimaginable. Almost every household item has a “natural” alternative. Along with those labels there’s a hefty price to pay. The ugliness of consumerism rears its head and force people to make a silly and yet very real decision. “Should I buy what may seem better for my body or grab what’s easier on my pockets regardless of the health concerns that follows”.

like, why?

I’m always scouting for affordable ways to nourish my body and in this case I’ve also ran across a black owned spa line for both men and women. Lola & Doe are a couple that understands the importance of loving your body. And you can’t fulfill that without taking care of your physical self. They’ve created an all organic HOMEMADE spa line that’s friendly on everyone’s pockets.

In this interview Doe (@DoeDoobs on twitter) talks about his mission and what he wants to accomplish. Lola & Doe is one of the many ways he plans on changing the community for the better.I0V2bubg

Who is Lola & Doe and at what point did you both decide to create organic spa products?

Lola & Doe (my beautiful girlfriend and I) are two happy people who woke up and learned that your skin is your body’s largest organ and the things we rub into/onto it affects your quality of life in ways that most people don’t realize. Lola started doing her homework to make sure we were serving the people the right type of ingredients and its been taking off ever since!

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From Their Block to Yours: Get to know Corner Store Goods.

I firmly believe in supporting small businesses, especially when they’re small, local ones. The only thing that would motivate me more than a small, local business is a black owned & operated one. Enter Corner Store Goods: launched on the 15th of July, Corner Store Goods is the New Detroit.


It a clothing brand that is inspired by the hunger & pride young Detroiters have. But, it’s more than “just a clothing brands”, it’s a culture. Created by Jonathan & Wesley Brooks along with Dwayne Carson, Phillip Drake, Damani Gatewood and Conrad Ohenzuwa, Corner Store Goods is, as Johnathan says, “…directly connected with Detroit culture.” Their first of three installments aptly titled Continue Reading


Tuesday afternoon I was able to attend the first annual STEEZ DAY festival which was put into action for a well loved being and a big reason for why Pro Era is Pro Era. Capital STEEZ, who would’ve been 22, passed away 3 years ago but influenced everything around him in the most positive way possible. So to celebrate his birthday Pro Era put together STEEZ DAY which was a sold out event to 5,000 people! And what was even cooler is that all proceeds went to his family who all collectively wore tyedyed Steez shirts (so cute).

My day started off kind of hectic. Myself, my boyfriend (Tony Whlgn) and my friend Bre’ann (the photographer responsible for the photos below) had to gather our equipment, rush to Canal Street and grab even more stuff. We all had a duty, my guy was painting a mural of Capital Steez, Bre’ann was taking photos/networking and I was documenting Continue Reading


What I love to see is women totally winning in what may seem to be dominated by men. And this list can go on and on. This post isn’t going to turn into me bashing others who are also talented but I think it’s VERY important to recognize the women who are on their shit. I’M just saying, I’m proud of the many beautiful faces who are blossoming in the music industry (and many others but this is a music post so yeah).

For a while I’ve been seeing the name OHSO, De-lah-Ohso and most importantly DJOHSO. Whaaaat, she’s a DJ? Exactly. Long story short, shortly after I’ve become a fan.IMG_0485


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