How To Make Your 9 To 5 Work For You

In today’s world, unless you were lucky enough to be born into unlimited amounts of wealth, or have some grandfather from many generations ago that left either a family business or inheritance to your family, you have what’s called a job, affectionately nicknamed, a “9 to 5.”

Yep… a 9 to 5. It’s that thing that makes every nerve in your body react and rejoice once you step out of the threshold that encompasses so many of these feelings. The only time constraint that is met with frustration besides rush hour traffic. But what if instead of clocking into your woes, you can control them? Here are three quick tips that will allow you to maneuver through your workplace like never before.

Tell the truth, 99.9% of the time:

If something goes wrong with the printer, and you were the last person to use it, don’t go blame it on your annoying co-worker that talks your ear off everyday. Take ownership for anything that occurs in the workplace, good or bad. You will save a ton of guilt and an overlap of lies as well.

Weather the storm:

If things are going straight to hell in the workplace, don’t panic. Just try to get through it as much as possible. Even diamonds are made under pressure.

Work hard:

Nothing trumps hard work, period. If your job sees you going over and beyond just your daily activities, then they will more than likely meet your demands when you need vacation time, or when your sick, etc.

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Andre J. Ellington

When AO and Snax n’ The City collide

This is the perfect example of two people putting together a bomb ass party. Sort of spur of the moment. Those two people just so happen to be the foodies (@wonda_glenda and @JBdoesitbetter on twitter) behind the food blog…for when bitches be hungry. 

Just my luck, they both threw me a birthday party filled with a shit ton of deliciousness. I smelled the happiness in the air the moment I walked in. I can admit that I became teary eyed because I was a bit overwhelmed. But I was more so impressed by what was presented. Shrimp stuffed with herb goat cheese wrapped in prosciutto. I wasn’t expecting that or the homemade pizza, topped with bacon and fresh basil with a roasted garlic sauce. Oh, and there was also a yummy spinach artichoke dip. We were also accompanied by some wine. Their website is filled with recipes and reviews. So I’m sure one of these days a recipe will be published.



What’s a birthday without cake, right? Well how about getting two! Both Wonda and Jazzmine baked two wonderful cakes, from scratch. I underestimated their baking skills. I wasn’t ready for a strawberry cake and a butter pecan cake. I’ve actually never had butter pecan cake so of course I was excited. What I admired about the two is that they weren’t painfully sweet. I didn’t cringe because I felt the need to rush to the dentist because of some childish icing.
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Update: It’s been a month!

I guess you can say I’m in my natural habitat that being Detroit. The East side to be exact for those who didn’t know. So far, being back for a month has been nothing far from delightful. I’m not even going to lie, trying to get myself back on my feet money wise was difficult. Or maybe I just despise waiting on money to come my way. Nonetheless the hustle never dies.

~listens to Jill Scotts It’s Love~

Being on my own for the short months I’ve been in Brooklyn has been a great experience. Coming back home, to my parents spot is cool but at the same time I’m thinking to myself, “Why am I even here? I need MY space. I need to get away and be on my own”. Like, for-seriously. The bright side to that is I’ve missed my family like crazy. They’ve also helped me get back into rhythm as far as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Morning runs, eating right (like I used to), strengthening my Buddhist practice, yoga and all that cool shit. It’s something my body and spirit has yearned for.

Getting my smoothie game together. Blueberries, bananas, chocolate chai tea, honey and a wee bit of nutmeg.
Getting my smoothie game together. Blueberries, bananas, chocolate chai tea, honey and a wee bit of nutmeg.

Of course I found myself reuniting with my friends. Why the fuck wouldn’t I? They’ve been supportive of me since I left and well before hand. A few times we’ll ride around and show me what’s new in the city. Some say that the energy here was crazy over the summer but from what I seen I can sincerely say that I’m proud. Entrepreneurs are flourishing with opening their own stores and building their brand. You run into black-owned businesses more than ever. Yesth Detroit! You fucking Better.

Aside from all the really weird weed dispensaries. They’re literally on every corner, like a liquor store or a gas station and it’s extremely eerie. Support your local weed man. Really, it’s something just “not right” about it


My guy occasionally visits Detroit when he can so when he’s here of course I tag along to spend some quality time and witness the projects that he’s working on. Continue Reading

Transitioning from Summer to Winter?


Yes, I’m upset about the Summer sneaking by ever so quickly but I’m even more upset about not being able to enjoy the Fall since Winter, for me, is only a couple of weeks away. According to Google, Winter should grace us on the 21st of December but most of my mid-west/east coast neighbors can vouch for me with an effortless “Nah”. I’ve seen snow visit well before my birthday (November 21st) so how will I make my Fall worth while?

Here’s a helpful review so you can make it your mission to enjoy the autumn leaves before they’re buried under pissy old snow.


I think we all look forward to fall fashion. What other time can you wear a skirt, some knee highs and a nice lengthy sweater. Or just blindly layer a bunch of shit on top of each other and is certain that you look great! Plenty of personality comes out around this time of year and honestly this is when I feel the most “fashionable”. Thrift your life away or wear your mans clothes. I’ve been guilty of purchasing the same styled long sleeves in different colors because they complement my oversized vest! Get creative! Even if you want to stay up with the trends for most, overalls, bomber jackets and Cut n Sew clothing has reigned supreme for 2015. Need cute accessories? Pretty much anything suede such as purses and even jewelry will give great texture to any fit! And if you need some colors to pop on your nails check out this article for the perfect polishes!



There’s so much to look forward to. The leaves are changing colors, the sun is out even though it’s breezy, Fall always held a nice calm energy to me. Even though this is the perfect time to be a homebody there are so many activities that we can all enjoy. I’m not talking about Halloween either even though it’s in my top three favorite holidays of all time. Do some research on your community and find out that there’s more things going on from festivals and food competitions to the always enjoyable apple orchards/cider mills. Oh, you don’t wanna spend money? Cool. Jump in a pile of leaves, carve a pumpkin or enjoy the scenery at a nearby park. Continue Reading

Hummus from the ROOT

Going grocery shopping in stores that are tucked away in apartments seems to be a new hobby of mine since staying in NY. After basking in the sun at the Maria Hernandez Park (it’s a neighborhood park) I decided to walk my happy ass to a small, seemingly healthy grocery store. The store is like a giant international aisle without the Taco Bell desserts and 82 different pickled fruits/veggies. There are plants everywhere and cozy wooden accents. I love it.

Meanwhile there’s a woman in a cool hat giving out samples of hummus. Normally I would stop for any type of edible sample because of my greedy nature but in this case…hummus? Nah. I don’t hate, I just don’t care for it. So I kept walking until I realized my guy wasn’t by my side. He was checking out the samples which was odd because he’s the one that HATES hummus. Anyway. I sampled it…


I purchased a tub along with some sushi and some round blue chips.

The woman who gave out samples is actually the Brand Ambassador for ROOTS hummus here in NY. She was very convincing but the product also spoke for itself. I tried the three different samples. Between the classic roasted garlic, mango sriracha and hot chipotle hummus Continue Reading

From The Earth With Love | Lola & Doe’s Body Shop

Since forever there has been natural remedies that’s been passed down from generations to generations. There wasn’t any man-made medicines or bath goods that were being mass-produced in factories. Some of the oldest records of using the earth to heal dates back to 2600 B.C.! Simply combining plants, herbs, spices, charcoal, clay, fruits & veggies etc. did enough to cure sickness or clear unwanted body acne. Even animal bone/fat were being used to aid gut-lining. I feel like back then the connection between the earth and humans were pure and strong. Respect didn’t only exist amongst human beings; at one point every living organism held a significance. No matter how big or small. I personally think that’s why so many survived with what grew around them opposed to some of the commercial products that we so desperately depend on today…which still harms us in many ways.

As of lately (lately as in “within the past few years”) the “natural” wave hit us in ways unimaginable. Almost every household item has a “natural” alternative. Along with those labels there’s a hefty price to pay. The ugliness of consumerism rears its head and force people to make a silly and yet very real decision. “Should I buy what may seem better for my body or grab what’s easier on my pockets regardless of the health concerns that follows”.

like, why?

I’m always scouting for affordable ways to nourish my body and in this case I’ve also ran across a black owned spa line for both men and women. Lola & Doe are a couple that understands the importance of loving your body. And you can’t fulfill that without taking care of your physical self. They’ve created an all organic HOMEMADE spa line that’s friendly on everyone’s pockets.

In this interview Doe (@DoeDoobs on twitter) talks about his mission and what he wants to accomplish. Lola & Doe is one of the many ways he plans on changing the community for the better.I0V2bubg

Who is Lola & Doe and at what point did you both decide to create organic spa products?

Lola & Doe (my beautiful girlfriend and I) are two happy people who woke up and learned that your skin is your body’s largest organ and the things we rub into/onto it affects your quality of life in ways that most people don’t realize. Lola started doing her homework to make sure we were serving the people the right type of ingredients and its been taking off ever since!

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