You Are What You Eat: Raphael Wright

If you follow enough people from the city then you’ve probably heard about Raphael Wright and his attempts to open a Black-owned grocery store on Detroit’s Eastside. In case you haven’t, this entrepreneur, author, and founder of Urban Plug L3C has a passion for rejuvenating our community by tackling social issues and incorporating group investment models that you’ll definitely want to take notice of!

I decided to reach out and learn a bit more about his drive for this project and the change he hopes to bring.

Can you tell us a bit about Urban Plug L3C?

“We founded Urban Plug in July 2016. Our first project was a youth entrepreneurship program called Boss Academy, in which we went over entrepreneurial principles with a group of teenagers. We’ve also provided information on stocks, investing, and real estate to smaller groups. This is the biggest project we’ve worked on so far.”

Can you give us an outline of your current project?

“The plan is to start with one store, learn the game, learn the perfect model to run a successful market and, once that’s covered, introduce the platform for people to pool their money and buy into the enterprise. We’d sell half the store to the community and use the profits from that to start again in another place.”

Does that mean you’re seeking to expand this business model to cities other than Detroit?

“I would love to, but I can’t really say ‘yeah.’ We want to focus on Detroit because that’s where we’re from. We do want to serve as an example that this model can work and for every inner city community to take it on, but right now we’re keeping it in the city.” Continue Reading

“Everybody Eats B”: My fave moments with artist and their food ventures

It is no question that 2016 has been a fantastic, I repeat, a fantastic year for music from literally the beginning of the year and trickling down to what’s soon to come during these final weeks. I am thoroughly impressed by what I’ve come across thus far and I could sit here and bask in all of this greatness, but I must say there’s one thing that I love a bit more than music and writing, and that’s devouring delicious foods; I think that’s something we can all agree on. I mean, totally indulging in fancy pictures of meals via instagram or whatever? C’mon! Who doesn’t love to eat right?

Throughout the years, the combination of food and music has proven to be the perfect pair. From metaphors to dance crazes, even a few of our favorite albums were inspired by some good ole’ grubbin’. It’s sort of a favorite pastime of mine. So, with far more artists choosing to embrace their culinary side outside of their musical career, I am LOVING it, okay!? Here’s a few of my favorite food moments from my faves:

The Powamekka Cafe

Sam Hansen and Take 3 Burgers decided to Honor Tupac’s 20th anniversary after his death by opening a one-night only pop up diner in California on September 13th. They gathered a few of Tupac’s actual recipes, and other’s that were inspired by his ideas, to put together a fire menu AND an art show while local artist performed the classics.


Action Bronson and his “Fuck, That’s Delicious” series.

As much as I enjoy hearing Bronson randomly rap about good eats, I find it even more entertaining to watch him enjoy them. From 2014 to earlier this year, Viceland presented a series where Acton Bronson and a few friends travel the world but, unlike your average Food Network television show where we watch people eat bugs and taste what seems like the same wine over and over, this is a pretty legit experience.

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Are you being served?: An Experience with Waitressing

AS children we are taught early on the importance of being polite, and courteous towards other people. We were groomed in social etiquette and chastised when we exhibited rude behavior.  Therefore, if someone exhibits rude or disrespectful behavior towards us or even another person we become offended because we’ve always been taught that it’s not ok. So, then, can someone please explain to me why it’s ok to be rude and disrespectful to someone at their job?

Let me explain…

To support myself and my son I waitress at a mom and pop BBQ restaurant, it’s nothing too fancy but the food is good and so is the service. This past weekend was Father’s Day so we had a steady stream of customers coming in, but one table in particular stands out. A dad, a mom and toddlers (both boys) walk in and I welcome them in and go to grab a high chair for the youngest boy. The older boy wants to sit next to his younger brother so his father grabs another high chair and pretty much creates an obstruction in the aisle to appease his screaming child. Ok, fine. I take the drink orders and food orders. When the food is ready I bring it out and I check on them frequently, make sure their drinks stay full, and even made small talk (I hate small talk). Mind you, the whole time both kids are throwing food ALL OVER THE FLOOR, I know I’m gonna have to clean it up so I don’t stress about it. Their bill comes out to about $37 bucks, the dad pays with a card. I notice he doesn’t write anything on the tip line, so I look to see if he leaves anything on the table. He does.


Yes, you read that right. A buck twenty-five. I cried in the bathroom. I work hard and I am good waitress and he left me $1.25. Who does that? Who comes in to your place of business and makes a huge mess and then only leave you $1.25 knowing you’re gonna have to clean it up after waiting on them hand and foot? RUDE PEOPLE. Rude people who don’t think about the fact I have to pay my bills. Or that I have worked 16 hours straight and haven’t gotten to sit down at all. Waitresses and waiters all have common stories and gripes so what follows are ways to not be a rude asshole to your serve Continue Reading

THE WEEKEND PT 2: Wednesday is when it all began

I honestly had a long ass weekend. The festivities for me started in the middle of last week. It was like Wednesday was Friday, Thursday was Friday Plus and Friday was Super Friday. Or whatever. I’m sure you understand the idea.

Okay so I was in limbo for literally two weeks about going out. I live my life as a hermit so getting out of the house can sometimes be rare. I’m that friend that says I’m busy when I’m clipping my toenails in front of my computer screen. I’ll think about it literally translates into but I need a nap. We’ll see is another of way of saying I’ll probably forget and accidentally plan something less eventful in its place. Yeah, terrible but I’m becoming more sociable.

My first stop of the week was an event named Art Babes. Art and Babes, yes. Beautiful art and the creative women behind each piece. All flaunting and supporting each other. It was such a joyous event. Everyone came out for it even the lil babies. Everything (the art, refreshments, music) was provided by women and the ability to work together as a unit was represented quite well. Once all the adults left, aside from the beautifully aged couple ball rooming their hearts away, a party started. One I wasn’t expecting but appreciated soon after! Continue Reading

The WEEKEND PT 1: Murals & Sliders & Pie

For a long time I’ve been a hermit. Totally disregarding the outside world and hiding out in a fort made of a quilt and several pillows. For a few reasons: I need to focus, sleep and…it’s cold out. But now, It’s warming up and I’m fueled by the sunshine therefore this weekend I decided to head out instead of burying myself in my beanbag.

Saturday morning I decided early in the day that I wouldn’t be going out. I was tired from the work week and felt the need to unwind. I’m also in the midst of balancing work, my blog and having a car; something I’m not used to. Shit can be stressful. Well, further into the day (I was at work) I told myself, “DAMN THIS”, and decided that I would go to an event called Murals & Sliders that was held at The Baltimore Gallery. I did my make-up and “gtfo”…

This was my first time at Murals & Sliders and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was real chill like. Artists was able to showcase their artwork (Good shit to Tony Rave, Sheefy, Candy Slice, and Freddy Diaz), There was live painting going on by Jimbo, burger lookin’ cupcakes from Neiko and Chicken n’ Waffle sliders…from whom I don’t know but that chicken. OMG. My favorite thing about the event is that, as horrible as it may sound, there weren’t any performances. I was able to direct my attention to good friends, Jameson, food and art. Quite refreshing.

Thank you Honey for the photos and putting together a solid event!



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When AO and Snax n’ The City collide

This is the perfect example of two people putting together a bomb ass party. Sort of spur of the moment. Those two people just so happen to be the foodies (@wonda_glenda and @JBdoesitbetter on twitter) behind the food blog…for when bitches be hungry. 

Just my luck, they both threw me a birthday party filled with a shit ton of deliciousness. I smelled the happiness in the air the moment I walked in. I can admit that I became teary eyed because I was a bit overwhelmed. But I was more so impressed by what was presented. Shrimp stuffed with herb goat cheese wrapped in prosciutto. I wasn’t expecting that or the homemade pizza, topped with bacon and fresh basil with a roasted garlic sauce. Oh, and there was also a yummy spinach artichoke dip. We were also accompanied by some wine. Their website is filled with recipes and reviews. So I’m sure one of these days a recipe will be published.



What’s a birthday without cake, right? Well how about getting two! Both Wonda and Jazzmine baked two wonderful cakes, from scratch. I underestimated their baking skills. I wasn’t ready for a strawberry cake and a butter pecan cake. I’ve actually never had butter pecan cake so of course I was excited. What I admired about the two is that they weren’t painfully sweet. I didn’t cringe because I felt the need to rush to the dentist because of some childish icing.
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