RYD|DARK RED, a short film from Steve Lacy

*enters new-found fandom here*

Okay so, Steve Lacy graduated high school last year fam with a Grammy nomination for co-executive producing The Internets Ego Death and was found working with a few of our faves such as Big Sean, Jhene Aiko, Kali Uchis and I’m sure much more. However, I feel like I didn’t allow my ears to take advantage of his talents until late last year. Spotify introduced me to a single of his entitled Some that shortly after had me on a frenzy lurking through soundcloud, youtube and his twitter for more. The guitarist had me shook and here I am.

Let me remind you all that he’s 18 and his first solo project Demo has a bit of everyone awaiting for what’s to come. His potential is unmatched and for being the youngest out of The Internet I think we’re all thoroughly impressed by how great it is. Simpley put right? Above is what I would like to consider a short film that’s compiled of 2 tracks from Demo, RYD & Dark Red. I don’t want to say much but just know he ends up in someone’s trunk. haha.

With the Internet still on their “deconstructed” tour (until the next week and some change), where each member is showcasing a morsel of their individual projects, I’m excited to hear some newness from them as a unit. Clearly they’re not bullshitting around this year. Listen to Steve Lacy’s Demo below!

10 Girl Power Anthems That Put the Confidence Back In Your Soul

Life isn’t fair, and it can sometimes get you down. Body image, relationships, the media, all the crazy things going on in the world and everyday life can have a negative effect on you. Women are paid less, told how to act, what to wear, hypersexualized, and often times demonized when they take charge. Life can beat a girl up, but if you are ever feeling less than great these jams will have you feeling a million times better.

10.)All About Me – Syd
Sometimes you have to remind yourself, and everyone else that things have to be all about you. Self-care, work, school, your friends, and whatever else sometimes has to wait.

9.) Borderline (An Ode to Self-Care) – Solange feat. Q Tip
Self-care is something all of us neglect to do enough, but this song will have you getting that much needed pedicure, and taking that nap you’ve been daydreaming about.

8.) Put Your Records On – Corrine Bailey Rae
A beautiful and melodic jam by an amazing artist can change any mood. This song encourages you to “let your hair down” and go after those things that have been on your to-do list since forever.

7.) So What – P!nk
Sometimes relationships don’t go well, and it’s okay because you’re still a rockstar! P!nk lets us know that sometimes the best thing to do is let that relationship go and party.

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What was all the Hype about?: What is Rap without Hype Williams

Harold Hype Williams, who was born in Queens, is one of hip-hops most favored directors, like you can’t deny it. I feel as though we don’t celebrate him enough for everything he has done for the culture. C’mon, let’s think back to videos that demanded our attention almost immediately.  Hype gave us some of thee flyest visuals since the early 90’s. He taught us technique and used his skills from tagging to inspire his vibrant and bold ways of expression in his work.

I feel Hype Williams found his niche when he began working with fish-eyed lens and pairing it with a sort of cashy and cosmic aesthetic. The man made a trashbag look like gold in Missy Elliot’s Supa Dupa Fly video. Everything about this feature had various artist look like superheroes from the year 2046 who occasionally drenched themselves in a ton money. Being young I was able to enjoy his creations because of how animated they all were without caring to understand what was being said or depicted. Which, naturally, as time passed helped bury classics into my memory.

After a streak of very successful videos and a number of awards such as The Best Director Awards from Billboard (1996), The NAACP Image Award (1997), The Music Video Production Association Award for Black Music Achievement (1997) and more, Williams birthed Belly in 1998 and added some rawness with help of a few angles. Despite the acting, that people for whatever reason make the biggest deal of, the cinematics are strong. Williams made sure a statement was being made with every transition. Belly is like, duh, a staple in his career.

Druglord life looked crazy cool after an hour and 30 minutes. I was so close to being that same 12-year-old shortie with the empty life pushing what may end my existence. Yeah, Hype did that. Point me to the nearest bench and puffy coat.

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Simply Fantastic: A year back in the Wizarding World

Throughout the history of literature there has always been a staple or series that would define the genre of that era for years to come. Lord of The Rings, Sherlock Homes, Various Stephen King Novels, and a host of Tom Clancy novels all fit the bill of series or writings that define their time. Unless you’ve lived under a literary rock you’ve experienced the phenomenon that is Harry Potter. From the books, to the films, HP has stretched its magical reach across the world and wowed us all with stories of heroism, bravery, love, and friendship. But everything must come to an end, as did the HP series after releasing its final book in 2007, and film in 2011…

…………until this year.


If you’re a potter fan like me, you’ve probably read the series a couple of times, seen the movies more than that, and read every bit of information J.K Rowling gave us ravenous folk just to sate our appetite. A lot of us grew up with this series and to say that its apart of us is an understatement. We wanted to go to Hogwarts, or Durmstrang or whatever American wizarding schools we could imagine. We wanted to learn, explore, fight. We wanted to be magical. That feeling this year was reignited with the announcement of a Potter story/stage play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and the release of anticipation for the long-awaited film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them. Once again we were on our way back to our favorite world.
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1st Annual African World Film Festival

For as long as I could remember the African World Festival, here in Detroit, has always been a staple in my childhood/adulthood. It’s nothing like seeing Black people celebrating our heritage and culture. From traditional garments to hearing djembes being played with pride while the young and old dance their hearts away. The vibrations alone is alluring and I’m more than proud of the progress throughout the years. The festival moved from Hart Plaza to The Charles Wright Museum on Warren in midtown Detroit. Which happens to be the nations largest African-American museum. So yeah, talk about legendary.

Speaking of growth, I was able to attend the first annual film festival. Yes. 16 filmmakers had the opportunity to showcase their masterpieces during the festival! The goal is to shine light on creatives who’s generating positive reactions with their work.


The minds behind bringing this idea into reality are from Eric Wells of Lightsup Entertainment and Letia Solomon of L. Solo Productions. The two was led by their love of directing, filming and acting. Why not? Who doesn’t like a good film, or two, or three, or ten? During this event I indulged in some great films. Some made me laugh, a few made me cry and/or gave me a new outlook on people and how they live their lives. The perspective from each director was insightful! Check out the films and their makers below!


Africa For Ebola Orphans – Cameroon by Franco Bonghan (Cameroon)
Memoirs of a Black Man by Christian Davis (Detroit)
The sounds of street vendors: by Michael Brims (Houston)
Vela & Niyah by Rashada Fortier (New Orleans)
Marianne by Tomisin Adepeju (London UK)

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AO X SDCC SuperHeroSneakPeeks!

Long have I been fan and followed the grand, marvelous, and extraordinary event known as the San Diego Comic Con or SDCC for short. Long before I visited my first comic book convention, this was an event that had the nations nerd populace bubbling. This was THEE event. Many networks, studios, and actors showcased the new and returning of our favorite series and movies and even more people came dressed as our favorite characters and creatures from the diverse universe of nerdom. While I’m sure we all have our favorite moments, this year what captured most, including me, was the slew of trailers that Marvel and DC let us fan boys munch on and dissect. These are the BEST trailers ComicCon had to offer from the most anticipated titles Marvel & DC, respectively, have been working on in the eyes of me.


MAN-O-MAN. I wanted to keep these short and sweet BUT ITS FUCKIN LUKE CAGE. Powerman himself is returning to Netflix after being featured and thee amazing psychological detective action series, Jessica Jones. I watched this trailer with my eyes gleaming with pride as Luke mobs through the projects with a car door, eating bullets, and fuckin shit up. Trying his best to clean up Hells Kitchen. But with most of Marvels Netflix series, expect layers upon layers of really deep and dark content probably centered around the indestructible man himself. If the direction of the previous Marvel Netlfix titles are any indication, expect this series to be gritty as it is action packed. It drops September 30, 2016 on Netflix, of course.

The next trailer I seen featured the Amazonian Goddess herself, Dub W, or commonly referred to as, Wonder Woman. DC premiered the trailer which featured all the glory you’d expect from the kick ass warrior herself. You see briefly see her beginnings and get an overall feel for the era and set of the film. You’ll see her in action with her shield sword and whip. The approach they’re taking with her combat shots are consistent with how nasty she was in BvS. This is probably one of my more anticipated releases seeing as Gal Gadot has shown to be the perfect Wonder Woman. From her stunning beauty to her ability to deliver Amazonian hands. Wonder Woman releases June 2, 2017.

This was one that came from left field and shocked a TON of folks. DC knocked our fuckin socks off and released a FULL trailer for the JUSTICE LEAGUE!! We got to see Batfleck recruiting the various members briefly in the trailer with more attention being shown to Flash & Aquaman. Supes was missing from the trailer but we got a full look at Cyborg pre and post transformation. We also got first full look at Ezra Miller’s as the speedster Flash and needless to say, he fits the bill to a T. Releasing in 2017 this fasho will be a must see. Continue Reading

Short Film: SEA OF EXPRESSION feat. FYNYR dir. by Joe Hendo

Here in this short film, at first glance, you’re watching what may seem like someone is merely someone judging themselves. When in fact FYNYR (who’s featured) is showing off two different personalities. The one who’s simply just living and the other who’s observing and figuring himself out. The conflict; the balance. Something that I often find myself doing when I find my life spiraling out of control (lol??). I think Joe Hendo captured this “mood” pretty well.