From Viral to Musical: 5 Silly Social Media Stars Making Sweet Music

Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Social networks have introduced us to some hilarious people and they have made a lot of people household names. We laugh at the things they post, but have you checked out how multi-talented some of these viral stars are? Here are 5 viral stars that make pretty good music.

  1. Tokyo Vanity

“That’s my best friend! Go best friend! You betta!”

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Funny & Fabulous: Meet Delo Brown

Who said women aren’t funny? Probably a bunch of guys who don’t know how to laugh. Delo Brown is one of those women who always has several jokes up her sleeve. Whether she’s talking about her sex life or her everyday mishaps she will have your side splitting.

I had the pleasure of seeing her do stand-up comedy twice and it had me in tears both times. This star has only started to shine and has much more up her sleeve.

What inspired you to become a comedian? Who helped you in your early years?

My inspiration to become a comedian surprisingly came from this guy that used to bully me in elementary school. I always knew I was funny, but one day when he wasn’t bullying me he told me that he could see me being a comedian when I grew up. From that day on deep down inside I knew I had something in me. My parents have actually inspired me to keep going. Seeing them work a 9-5 every day just to make sure me and my siblings are straight inspired me to make my goals even bigger and better so that I could take care of them. I knew I had a gift that I could use and let the world see but working a 9-5 ain’t it.

Stand up comedy can be intimidating especially for beginners, have you ever bombed a show?

Stand up can definitely be intimidating. I’ve never “bombed” a show. I’m witty as hell so even if I did, the crowd would never know. During my birthday show, I messed up like 3 times, but no one knew. My confidence kept me going.

What is the most outrageous thing you’ve said on stage?

I said I fucked the entire city in front of my parents.

When did you first know you could make others laugh?

I knew I could make others laugh back in kindergarten. I always brought smiles and laughter to the people that have met me. Laughter is natural to me. It’s like breathing. It’s something you’re supposed to do; well at least that’s how it works for me. I say one thing and people are [automatically] laughing, but that’s just the person I am. I don’t force it either, and I think that’s why people think I’m genuinely funny.

What challenges have you faced breaking into comedy?

The biggest challenge for me is actually revealing my comedic side to the public. A lot of people see me as an educator or young professional before they see “comedian” so it can be a bit offsetting. Some people didn’t believe me. It’s like you really have to show a muthafucka sometimes, but it’s cool. I’m sure their friends bought tickets to the shows. Another challenge for me is not having a mentor to guide me through the comedy game. But I’m sure God will bless me with one when the time is right. Continue Reading

Who the Hell is Joanne Prada?

A liar. A scammer. I love robbery and fraud. If you are on social media you have heard these statements made by a bearded babe daunting a blonde lacefront. Joanne Prada is pop culture’s new maven teaching people how to scam their way to the top.

Joanne Prada aka Miss Prada aka Joanne the Scammer aka Brandon Miller is an LGBT culture icon dancing and scamming all over the country. A messy bitch who lives for drama, she is hilarious. Her Youtube channel gives the shadiest makeup tutorials and scammer lessons. Her Twitter tells you all who she is scamming as her instagram documents the madness. 

Miss Prada is not only a comedic genius, but she is a musical one too. Her soundcloud is full of vogue-like club bangers that will have you twerking through the robbery and fraud you are about to commit.

Your famous favorites love her too. Blac Chyna, Miss Fredia, and more have also been on the Miss Prada wave proclaiming their own lying and scamming. Rumor has it that she’s even invited to the Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian wedding. Now that is a perfect event for a messy bitch who lives for drama.

Dormtainment and the House Of Uno

The game of Uno for decades has been known to be one of the most intense games, to man. That’s right, a game of spades now n’ days do not compare to the many twist and turns of this colorful card game. Friends turns to foes in a matter of minutes. Too many draw four cards in one hand can lead to the suspicion of cheating. That same suspicion can lead to trust issues outside of the game. Not really. But if you’re playing with money you may get hurt. Dormtainment gave us another accurate video with grittiness that comes with playing Uno…Or what we think we know. lol. Enjoy.

New Year; New Me: People Who Should Change Their Life in 2016

2015 was full of wonderful moments and some not so good ones. Everything from Jared from Subway being a pervert to Barack Obama calling out people for “popping off” this year has shown us a lot of interesting things. Here are some people who showed us too much and just need to start all over in 2016.

Lamar Odom keeps his wedding ring

Lamar Odom:

After a very public drug overdose in a Nevada brothel and battle with drug addiction it is about time Odom turned around and kicked his habit. It’s obvious that the drugs are only pulling him into a deeper hole and it’s time this former NBA star saw the light again.


Rachel Dolezal:

The white warrior of the quick weave needs to wash her fake tanner down the drain and live in her truth. After the world discovered Dolezal was conning people into thinking she was black, then said black is a feeling, then said race isn’t real, we should give her a reality check. You’re white and it’s fine. Be yourself Rachel. That tanner makes you look dumb. Continue Reading

My question for VH1, why The Game?

So, apparenly I’m a glutton or punishment because I decided to watch an episode of “She’s Got Game” for the first time in my life.


For a little context, it’s a dating show about the rapper The Game. In the show, The Game’s closest friends hand pick women for him to date. The Game is also, very publicly dating a teenager and Instagram model India Love in real life, so going into this, I know I’m in for a crock of shit.

I think he takes the girls around a tour bus (but isn’t on tour?) and this week, they are meeting his fans.  He says, “If my fans don’t approve, the she’s not the one for me.” Later in the show, he immediately contradicts this statement, but we’ll get to that.

So the first girl that stood out was Briona, not because she’s stunningly gorgeous or has an amazing personality, mostly because she’s a twat. She’s also rocking a hairstyle straight from 1997, so there’s that. She keeps talking how she’s going to be “real” and “herself” with his fans, which apparently means, really standoffish and rude.

Next there’s the Brittany’s, who are the only white women on the show. Then there’s Rebecca who’s so pretty and has the cutest Jamaican accent. Sadly, this is like, her only scene in the show.

Also, there’s another attractive girl on here named Pricilla, who, like Briona, has a terrible personality.

There’s a girl named Elle who seems to be older than the rest of them, and 1.) says “frusstrated” instead of “frustrated”, and 2.) is super horny. Elle sits on the Game’s lap and he’s so interested that he literally told her, “I’m just trying to eat.” so she would get up. When you’re the most desperate person on a tv show on VH1, I think you’ve hit an all time low. Continue Reading