Sneaker-Con Detroit: First Steps



I am by no accounts a “sneaker-head”; I purchased a ticket to Sneaker-Con on a whim. Gym shoe culture, which has been relevant for the last 40 years, has always surrounded and interested me. I didn’t understand the hype, as I’ve never been the biggest fan of watching sports, however, the older I got the more I learned to appreciate the culture. In recent years the resale aspect of sneaker culture has proven profitable and I thought that this would be a good place to start outside of just grabbing a pair of gym-shoes.

I entered Cobo Hall overwhelmed by colors and people; almost everyone was holding a box with one shoe on it and there was an array of gym-shoes on cloth covered tables, summoning varying emotions from the hundreds of people present. My initial plan was to grab a pair of shoes that I could re-sale for profit.

While I did learn a lot about various gym-shoes, colorways, and proper bartering etiquette, I learned that this was not the place to start a collection of sneakers. This was the place for the sneaker aficionado. This was the place for individuals who understood the cultural relevance behind each shoe. This was the place for people who knew that the Jordan 4 was popular because of its appearance in Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. This was a place for people who knew who Peter Moore was and for those who knew that the Jumpman logo only appears after the Jordan II. This was for people who sleep in the cold for Jordan releases. If this was Mecca then I was but an initiate into the religion.

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Why is handwritten letters not a thing?

When was the last time you went to grab the mail and found a letter? That doesn’t include baby shower invitations or thank you notes from weddings. The letters that…when you open it, it greets you and follow-up with an update or great news. Nope, instead bills, credit card offers and random coupons are delivered to your door. Unsolicited.

Get this damn Sprint bill away from me. Why do Capitol One know who I am? Glory’s has beef bacon now?

I miss opening a letter and indulging in what’s going on in a friend’s life. I can see every detail and understand the feeling behind every pen stroke. Replying was just as exciting. You don’t know where to start. Sometimes you may want to save information for the next letter. And then the anticipation chimes in when you’re thinking to yourself like, ” I wonder what he/she is going to respond with?”.  Same thing when passing notes in class. I didn’t have my own phone up until my sophomore year in high school and it was only for emergency. Life was simple, I guess… Continue Reading

Banksy welcomes the public to ‘Dismaland’

The infamous and pseudonymous Banksy has done it again with one of his biggest pieces to date. Banksy and over fifty other artist from around the world put together a rather eerie, slightly disturbing and yet politically correct interactive theme park in England…and its open to all this weekend. I’m guessing the root of the word is dismantle which speaks for itself when you visit each exhibit that oozes chaos and shows how unfortunate reality can be. Luckily with the beauty of the “internet” I’m able to research something which seemed to be kept secret even with the construction. The motto Life isn’t Always a Fairytale speaks for itself with every piece of art. Like any masterpiece of his, Bansky challenges the courage within society to recognize the bullshit that’s forever sprinkled with a bit of fairy dust and presented with a maniacal smile. Will you continue to be in denial when you’re steering a boat full of migrates through dead bodies floating in murky waters? Or maybe “Shamu” performing in an inhumane and unrealistic environment will wake you up? No well…peep what photographers captured during their visit.

Banksy's Dismaland preview. A mermaid piece by Banksy, with a castle by Banksy and Block 9 in the background, during the press view for the artist’s biggest show to date, entitled 'Dismaland', at Tropicana in Western-super-Mare, Somerset. Picture date: Thursday August 20, 2015. Photo credit should read: Yui Mok/PA Wire URN:23863524

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