The WEEKEND PT 1: Murals & Sliders & Pie

For a long time I’ve been a hermit. Totally disregarding the outside world and hiding out in a fort made of a quilt and several pillows. For a few reasons: I need to focus, sleep and…it’s cold out. But now, It’s warming up and I’m fueled by the sunshine therefore this weekend I decided to head out instead of burying myself in my beanbag.

Saturday morning I decided early in the day that I wouldn’t be going out. I was tired from the work week and felt the need to unwind. I’m also in the midst of balancing work, my blog and having a car; something I’m not used to. Shit can be stressful. Well, further into the day (I was at work) I told myself, “DAMN THIS”, and decided that I would go to an event called Murals & Sliders that was held at The Baltimore Gallery. I did my make-up and “gtfo”…

This was my first time at Murals & Sliders and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was real chill like. Artists was able to showcase their artwork (Good shit to Tony Rave, Sheefy, Candy Slice, and Freddy Diaz), There was live painting going on by Jimbo, burger lookin’ cupcakes from Neiko and Chicken n’ Waffle sliders…from whom I don’t know but that chicken. OMG. My favorite thing about the event is that, as horrible as it may sound, there weren’t any performances. I was able to direct my attention to good friends, Jameson, food and art. Quite refreshing.

Thank you Honey for the photos and putting together a solid event!



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A Love Supreme (My Top 5 Favorite Jazz Musicians Of All Time)

My love for jazz is something that can’t be put into words. Ever since I was a little boy, I would be fascinated by the complexities and rhythms that encompass this particular genre of music. It’s almost like the music is actually telling you a story that includes the usual innuendos that you learned about in grade school; (beginning, supporting sentences and paragraphs, climax, etc.) Due to my admiration, it was very hard for me to complete this task, but I fared somehow, someway. Here are my top five favorite Jazz musicians of all time. (in no particular order)


John Coltrane

John Coltrane is a jazz musicians jazz musician. He literally evoked every imaginable emotion when he played the saxophone, and left nothing to the imagination. Some of my favorite cuts from him include, A Love Supreme, Giant Steps, and Blue Train.


George Duke

George Duke is a major inspiration to me because of his usage of piano’s and synthesizers. Even though he was a jazz pianist, he was a pioneer in funk and R&B and his music has been sampled time after time again all across the border. He took his time with every note he played, and he knew how to get his message across through his instrument. Someday, Reach for it, and No Rhyme, No Reason are just some of my favorite songs from, The Duke. Continue Reading

Contrary to your Beliefs. The Art of not Conforming: The Whlgn

From mere observation The Whlgn, pronounced Hōo-Li-Gen, is now becoming a household name among people all ages in inner cities around the country. NY, Philly, LA and of course where it all started, here in Detroit (just to name a few). This group of twenty-somethings is the epitome of a walking one-stop shop. Photography, carpentry, graphic design, and so much more. Each Whlgn has their own mission for their hometown and their own gifts that set them apart from one another. Which is both inspiring and admirable.

Check out a small description of the fellow Whlgns below.


Antonio Robinson, or better known as Tony Whlgn, grew up on the Eastside of Detroit and is a firm believer of not conforming to society’s standards and is proud of being a product of his environment. In a positive light, of course. The Whlgn was founded in 2009 and since then they’ve invited other like-minded people to follow their dreams to the fullest and eventually be their own boss. The key is to stay true to yourself and to never doubt your potential. Shortly after, he dropped out of school and began to brand himself and pursuer what he desires. Now, being in New York for 4 years, he has solidified his name as an artist. He was able to  work and elevate individuals who, undeniably, love what they do! Whether it’s in the fashion world or something music related. Slowly but surely Tony is helping reshape his environment and is inspiring others do be better by being a genuine example.

I believe in the concept of thinking, with no box, because I believe anything is possible.

Check out the many projects he has been apart of at




In 2009 Philly native Rynear Smith came to Detroit to attend the College of Creative Studies and that’s actually when he met the rest of The Whlgns. While in school he was majoring  in Transportation Design, completed a year, went to study Diagnosis for automobiles at Wyotech and received his diploma! Good shit! He’s now building a brand called Details by Naj (which includes auto repair, auto consultations, and home renovations) and is also working on a custom furniture business. Yeah, this guy builds shit and is now helping build-up his city with exquisite architecture. Despite working at what may have been a dream job and the Nissan Dealership prior to his current career he has found a passion in what he does an it shows through his work!




Marie Streety is the Color Theorist for The Whlgn’s as well as the creative mind behind the Detroit bound cosmetic line, Hometown Hues; Which is vegan, Halal and handmade. Yes, you’ve read that correctly, she makes every lipstick and eyeshadow by hand. The growing line is inspired by the city itself with lipsticks such as The Spirit of Detroit (a lovely teal with gold flakes) and Motorcity oil (a rich bold black). To see the true hues of home visit the site here! Continue Reading

Missy with the FIRE | WTF ft. Pharrell Williams


Okay so, this was a bit emotional for me. I mean, why wouldn’t it be for any young women who loves hip hop and knows how much of a legacy Missy Misdemeanor Elliot holds. Yes she has been featured on tracks within past few years but I’ve had excruciating withdrawals. This is her first single since 2008. TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHT. I wouldn’t call it a comeback because I know I’m not the only person checking for newness from Missy but this young 40 something is already dominating with this video and it’s only 2 days old!

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 11.42.14 AM

This vibrant, futuristic video has all the classic fixings to where even the youngest hip hop head can vibe and relate to. Missy’s imagination shines bright in this video and Pharrell’s touch on the record is just the icing on cake. I mean DAMN. We’re glad to see you bringing heat. But what about this album? Which will be her 7th entitled Block Party; what am I getting myself into exactly. I’m on the edge of my seat from all the excitement. Lowkey,  it’s been 10 years since The Cookbook dropped. 10 years later and I’m still trying to learn the full routine from Lose Control. dcee2043jw1e7n19cb83bg20dw08j7wh

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Visiting Krissy The Butcher

I’ve been very lucky in my life to meet some amazing women! Krissy “The Butcher” Woodhouse is one of them. We actually met on Twitter. She was looking for a tattoo model and I love tattoos therefore I volunteered myself. It was kismet. Since getting my first tattoo by her in January (the gorgeous gypsy on my left arm), I’ve since accumulated 5 more, all from this one talented artist. This past weekend, I visited her to get tattoos 11 and 12, and like always I chatted with her and fell a little more in love with the talented woman.


She got her start as a tattoo artist when she was 19. Krissy was tattooing out of her apartment on Wayne State’s campus, where she studied biology. She said that she wanted to go to the School for Creative Studies, but her mom didn’t see a career in art. “I got really depressed and starting drawing a lot.” Krissy says Continue Reading

Leftover Instagram Potentials from the Summer

Let me tell you about my morning. FREEZING. THE END.

Summer, for most who resides in the midwest and east coast, is over. Done. Finito. Fall visited us about 10 days early and here I am wearing thick dark denim and layering whatever that works. Which is no biggie since it’s my favorite time of the year.


I was going through my phone’s media and found myself reflecting on what an awesome summer I’ve had here in NY. The people, the food, the countless opportunities; I am thankful for this trip. I also noticed that there are plenty of photos that I either going to use but forgot and some that seemed pointless to upload. At this time, I would like to share a few of my “sorta” faves out of the million, bajillion forgotten instagram photos from my beloved 5S.

My insta is @AOmuff500

ps. I am not in anyway a professional photographer. I take pictures of shit that I like so yeah 🙂