Holiday hotness: Spice it up and get festive!!

Hey guys!
Holiday season is in full swing and I’m here to give you my ten favorite looks for all of your Christmas/ Chanukah/ Kwanzaa/ Festivus/Whatever party needs!

The Glitter:
What would any holiday party outfit be without some glitter?


1.) Sweet Nothings Sequin Dress in gold $78

I have a sweet spot for anything rose gold, so when I saw this low-backed midi-dress,  I instantly fell in love!


2.) Rare London All Over Sequin Jumpsuit with Cross Back $106

I live for anytime I can have a jumpsuit moment. And this jumpsuit is the jumpsuit to end all jumpsuits. I feel like a major Bianca Jagger moment can be had in this, all you need is a horse to ride into a club on.


3.) ASOS Petite Night Premium Embellished Romper $81.50 from

Shout out to my friend Jenn for showing me this. at first, I had mixed feelings about it but I kept thinking about it. Now, I’m full-blown in love. Wear it with some nice black tights or if you’re from the Cardi B camp like I am, go bare-legged. Continue Reading

Take a Bae-cation this winter

It’s that time of year again! Temps are getting chillier and nothing seems more appealing (to me at least) than a little Bae-cation. If you’re not familiar with a ~bae-cation~ it’s basically when you and #Bae snuggle up for the weekend and enjoy each other’s company. It’s best when it’s accompanied by a good movie, yummy food and wine. Now while this seems like to be my regular Friday night (#bae & me are lazy as hell), even I can admit that it gets a little boring from time to time. Then I thought, what can I do to make it more interesting? And before you think it’s something weird and sexual, it’s not. My momma reads this blog (Hey ma!). I’m talking about dressing up! The same ratty old sweats get really boooorring after wearing them for the fifth weekend in a row. Here are my top seven picks for my favorite #Bae-cation looks:


  1. Gia Lace Teddy$58 from

Oh Gia, you pretty little thing. I love this shear romper for those night where you want to feel sexy but also comfy. I think #SexRompers are gonna have a major moment in the lingerie world and I am here for it.


2.) UO X RVCA Cozy Night Hoodie ($54) & UO X RVCA Soft Serve Short ($40) from Urban Outfitter

I really love 1. the fuzzy texture and 2. this lovely lavender color which you never seen in the pj department. And you can wear the hoodie out, it’s kinda like a 2-for-1 deal! Continue Reading

Visiting Krissy The Butcher

I’ve been very lucky in my life to meet some amazing women! Krissy “The Butcher” Woodhouse is one of them. We actually met on Twitter. She was looking for a tattoo model and I love tattoos therefore I volunteered myself. It was kismet. Since getting my first tattoo by her in January (the gorgeous gypsy on my left arm), I’ve since accumulated 5 more, all from this one talented artist. This past weekend, I visited her to get tattoos 11 and 12, and like always I chatted with her and fell a little more in love with the talented woman.


She got her start as a tattoo artist when she was 19. Krissy was tattooing out of her apartment on Wayne State’s campus, where she studied biology. She said that she wanted to go to the School for Creative Studies, but her mom didn’t see a career in art. “I got really depressed and starting drawing a lot.” Krissy says Continue Reading

World’s most flattering lipstick: NYX Liquid Suede

I’m the Queen of making a sweeping declaration, so understand how serious I am when I say I found THE WORLD’S MOST FLATTERING LIPSTICK. This lipstick looks literally good on every person I’ve seen it on.  And no, it’s not Ruby Woo by MAC which everyone will tell you is the world’s most flattering lipstick (and it’s not, I know many people who hate how bright Ruby Woo looks on them). And surprise, it’s only $7.00!

Introducing the world’s most flattering lipstick: NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Amethyst.


Continue Reading

The Night That Was Not

It’s Saturday Night, New York City. And I am stuck on the train. Let me backtrack.

I made a trip back home with my best friend Wonda for a few days, and come saturday night, we were ready to hit the town. What we didn’t know is that this simple trip to a bar by the name of The Wren on Bowery street would be a tale for the ages.


My Nana’s house (where we are staying while we’re here) is in the Bronx and so far uptown, that it would normally take about an hour and 20 minutes to get to Astor place, the stop we needed to get off at. So we get ready, hop on the bus, then get on the 6 train. While we’re still above ground, I get a call from my Nana saying that someone got hit by the train. Yes, someone got hit by the train. Luckily, it wasn’t the train I was on, it was the one in front of me. Unfortunately, this slowed things down for a quite a bit if you can imagine. But that didn’t stop us, we were determined. What could go wrong from here? A lot. Continue Reading

Five beautifully underrated shades of nail polish fit for the Fall

I adore fall fashion! While I love the boots, coats, and big ass hats, what I really live for is all the fab, vampy beauty looks! As soon as I see the first leaf fall from a tree, I’m the first girl reaching for her bottle of Wicked by Essie (which is unequivocally the best vampy red, hands down).nails1

However, this fall, something changed. I think…I’m kind of over the typical blood-red nail polish. HEAR ME OUT: I do 100% love how glam a shiny burgundy looks, but it’s kind of expected. And the last thing we want is to be predictable, right? With that being said, here are my five favorite non-traditional nail polishes for the fall. Continue Reading

My question for VH1, why The Game?

So, apparenly I’m a glutton or punishment because I decided to watch an episode of “She’s Got Game” for the first time in my life.


For a little context, it’s a dating show about the rapper The Game. In the show, The Game’s closest friends hand pick women for him to date. The Game is also, very publicly dating a teenager and Instagram model India Love in real life, so going into this, I know I’m in for a crock of shit.

I think he takes the girls around a tour bus (but isn’t on tour?) and this week, they are meeting his fans.  He says, “If my fans don’t approve, the she’s not the one for me.” Later in the show, he immediately contradicts this statement, but we’ll get to that.

So the first girl that stood out was Briona, not because she’s stunningly gorgeous or has an amazing personality, mostly because she’s a twat. She’s also rocking a hairstyle straight from 1997, so there’s that. She keeps talking how she’s going to be “real” and “herself” with his fans, which apparently means, really standoffish and rude.

Next there’s the Brittany’s, who are the only white women on the show. Then there’s Rebecca who’s so pretty and has the cutest Jamaican accent. Sadly, this is like, her only scene in the show.

Also, there’s another attractive girl on here named Pricilla, who, like Briona, has a terrible personality.

There’s a girl named Elle who seems to be older than the rest of them, and 1.) says “frusstrated” instead of “frustrated”, and 2.) is super horny. Elle sits on the Game’s lap and he’s so interested that he literally told her, “I’m just trying to eat.” so she would get up. When you’re the most desperate person on a tv show on VH1, I think you’ve hit an all time low. Continue Reading