Here at we showcase individual gifts within Detroit and other major cities that we feel aren’t getting enough shine. Whether they’re musicians, visual artist or simply people changing their community. Whatever it is that you have to offer, we want to share it with the world. Our writers are just as eclectic and passionate in delivering media and issues that resonate with their lives. 

For those who don’t know AOmarkerlove started off as a clothing brand (Just AO at the time) that myself and a good friend (Hey Deshawn) was developing but became short-lived. Instead of forgetting about AO, I decided to incorporate my love for writing and sketching into the mix, hence the “markerlove” aspect. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the blog as much as we love to contribute.


Not only did we get a facelift but soon our good friends over at the Uprising Network will to! If you didn’t know, The Uprising Network house some of our favorite web-series such as Go In, Snax N The City, #AskImani, The Power of Words, and more! For now, enjoy the Uprising and all of it’s content on their Youtube Channel