A Warrior Woman, a Wild Woman…Chani The Hippie.

A few weeks ago I decided to revisit some literature that’s near and dear to my heart. The Woman Who Runs with Wolves, a book filled with tales and teachings that revolves around womanhood, written by philosopher Clarissa Pinkola Estés. This piece of art breathes clarity and validation into my life. It reckons with the doubt that I sometimes struggle with. It’s a bandage for the wounds that uncertainty brings. As you can see, it’s a lifeline for me.

a wild woman, to me, is similar to a Phoenix. Going through many changes to become better, stronger, wiser. Breathing life into whatever she touched. A fighter and nurturer.

One who doesn’t put up with shit.

One of my favorite wild women houses a bit of her writing here on this very blog. Chantel, better known as Chani the Hippie has made it her mission to conquer with her words. She delivers through poems, journalism and also highlight others like herself through a segment called The Power of Words on the Uprising Network. If you haven’t noticed already, Chani makes it her mission to empower women. Most of her work centers women, the experience as one and ways to uplift each other.

Below is a video of women basking in each other’s energy to an original poem by Chani that celebrates us. Enjoy, Warrior Women.

As of right now Chantel is helping organize Slut Walk here in Detroit as well as releasing an EP next month. If you’re in the area (Detroit) there will be a release party on the first of September! Your hostess with the mostess Just Snazz, with music from DAG and a special guest appearance by comedian Delo Brown.

Loved Warrior Woman? Luckily you have two books to grab from Chani that are both available on Amazon. One is titled Freedom Fighter, the other We: A Love Story.

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