5 Activists Fighting For You

With the recent and all too familiar Parkland School Shooting, and the young and brave activists who are finally sparking the conversation about gun control in America, confederate many have felt left out of the conversation. People showed up and showed out for the March For Life, but condemned Black Lives Matter, ignored Sitting Rock, and cast other movements to the shadows. Each one of these fights that involve gun control, whether it’s pertaining to mass shootings, police brutality, or protecting protesters matter, there are tons of other fights across the world that people are giving their all to.

Here are 5 activists working their asses off to ensure the freedoms we all deserve.

  • Bree Newsome

Famously known for climbing up a flagpole in North Carolina and taking down a Confederate flag, Newsome is also a musician and filmmaker. Her films like “Shake It Like An Etch a Sketch” make fun of political leaders and provoke thoughts of injustice and racism in America. She has staged protests for voter’s rights and against racial discrimination. She speaks at colleges and universities across the nation about civil disobedience.

  • Mari Copeny

The youngest on the list, also known as “Little Miss Flint”, has been working hard for the children of Flint affected by the led poisoned water. She raised money, participated in media rounds, and even stood in the face of politicians asking how did this happen and why is it not fixed yet. Taking on such a huge responsibility Copeny managed to shine beams of hope in her community. Even when the press isn’t talking about it, she still is.

  • Bryan Stevenson

Founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative, Stevenson, dedicated his life to fighting against the American prison system. Concentrating on unfair sentencing, exonerating innocent death row prisoners, abuse of incarcerated, and sentencing of children and the mentally il. This lawyer is fighting for true justice in our justice system.

  • Amanda Blackhorse

This social worker and Navajo leader is fighting against the NFL and the racist named team “The “Washington Redskins”. Blackhorse filed a formal complaint against Pro-Football, Inc to get the name changed, but the Supreme Court ruled it as free speech. Her efforts have not stopped, instead, she has called for a boycott of the team.

  • Monica Lewis Patrick

This woman has done it all from supplying children with school supplies, standing against charter schools, and now she fights for the rights of Detroiters access to water with We the People of Detroit. Patrick has even spoken to with the United Nations and helped hundreds of Detroiters against water shut offs.

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