Remembering An Icon: Teddy Pendergrass

I am a sucker for soul. Especially such a deep and endearing voice like the one of Teddy Pendergrass. I’m sure a lot of people in this world were conceived to the sweet sounds of his voice and if you put his songs on today it will surely get a lot of people in the mood.

Teddy Pendergrass was born on March 26, 1950 in South Carolina to Jesse and Ida Geraldine Pendergrass. He loved singing and from an early age his family knew he would reach super stardom. The raspy baritone joined R&B group Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes in 1972 and lead their smash hit “I Miss You” showing the world what he was capable of as a vocalist. Pendergrass led most of the group’s hit songs like “When Somebody Loves You Back”, “Wake Up Everybody”, and “Bad Luck”.

In 1977 Pendergrass went solo with his self titled album that had hits like “The Whole Town is Laughing at Me”. It wasn’t until his second album Life is a Song Worth Singing where he received his panty dropping success with his smash hit “Close the Door”. Urban legend has it that at every concert when he sung that song or “Turn Off the Lights” women threw their panties onto the stage. Pendergrass went on to have many other hits like “Love T.K.O” and “Feel the Fire” with Stephanie Mills.


In 1982 Teddy Pendergrass was in a near fatal car accident after picking up a transgender prostitute that left him paralyzed from the waist down. After his accident his career slowed down, but he still built his legacy as a legend working with artists like Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Patti Label, Kanye West, and Ghostface Killa.

In January 2010 Teddy Pendergrass died of respiratory failure. There have been rumors of a biopic starring Tyrese as Teddy in the works. Teddy Pendergrass gave many songs to love to, break up to, make up to, and think to. His music will forever live in Soul

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