Welcome to Class: My Hero Academia Arrives

My Hero Academia. This title, along the graphic associated has passed by my eyes more times than I care to admit. I’ve seen it pop on lists of what to watch. I’ve been told to check it out from friends. I’ve literally been given links on to where to find the manga in full up to its current issue yet, like the great procrastinator I am, I waited. Well, the time finally came on a boring Sunday night, and just like clockwork, I instantly regretted holding off on this amazing series. My Hero Academia was def an instant winner.


The plot of this anime series written by Izuku Midoriya, tells the tale of a young boy named Izuku Midoriya born powerless in a powerful world. An event on earth has led to most of its population being granted with special powers or “quirks” as its called in series with the number growing more by each generation (Think mutants from the X-men, ‘cept these traits are often passed down hereditarily from parent to child). These powers have of course led to the birth of heroes and villians with both sides using abilities to hurt, help, or just plain out exploit society. In the center of the chaos lies the greatest hero, All Might, who notices the true heroism inside the main character Izuku after rescuing a childhood bully from a villian. From their All Might passes down his power to the rookie as the series shows the young lad starting his first year at the top hero Academia U.A

Boku no Hero Academia Episode 004 - Watch Boku no Hero Academia Episode 004 online in high quality.MP4_000628072

The diverse cast of characters in this series is what caught my eye initially with every hero & villian being as detailed in personality as they are in design. Quirks in this series literally mold and change the everyday person so to witness a cast ranging from a kid who has a head like a hawk but body like a boy, another kid who sweats nitro glycerin, and another one that has pink skin and black eyes but is the every day school girl was refreshing in a sense of the normality of this series is essentially the abnormal. You can see HEAVY inspiration taken from american comics in the costume designs of each character giving it a nice little twist.

Boku no Hero Academia (Sub) Episode 006 - Watch Boku no Hero Academia (Sub) Episode 006 online in high quality.MP4_000705842

The junior heroes get the most attention in terms of character development in the show and seeing how family, love, responsibility, and dreams drive them to become heroes is fulfilling. Personal motivations are revealed with deep feelings and empathy and it really breaks open the cast once you their reasonings for willing to put everything on the line and become a full-fledged hero.


The art style is a very dope cross between One Punch man and Kill La kill with thick heavy outlines on the characters and intense blurring showcasing the writers school in painting a picture of a world filled with action and danger. It’s a very bright and lively show with it leaning more into the realm of a true Shonen where a lot of the themes are mildly dark, focusing more on the relationships and growth of the main character through interaction with the people around him and hard work opposed to death, a sense of dread, and hopelessness. This is reflected in the design with the colors popping, the animation being lively, and the music usually set to a more upbeat rock tune.



Overall, if you’re looking for a light-hearted action series with heavy american comic book influence and bad asses in cool suits doing even cooler shit, check out this show. If you need the motivation to accomplish anything despite the cards being HEAVILY stacked against you, check out this show. And above all, just like me, if you’re just looking for something new to watch that doesn’t take itself too seriously, CHECK OUT THIS SHOW!!! Links to where the find the anime and manga are below. Enjoy!!- Mars



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