I wanted to give this album a thorough listen before writing a review for it. Just a week ago (no pun…seriously, no pun) JOEY BADA$$ out of Brooklyn, NY turned 20 AND dropped his first debut album as an independent artist. I’ve already been a fan of his music before, B4DA$$ so the anticipation was real. Also, being able to sort of see it all come together was also a joy so this ties into the excitement. Read More


I’ve asked Ilajide of Clear Soul Forces a couple of weeks ago about new music and that fool wouldn’t squeal but luckily this interview conducted by the good folks of Dead End Hip Hop surfaced. There’s insight on “The Fab Five” project which includes Flints NAMELESS and Detroits CSF, how they met and some good times they’ve had with each other.

Luckily there IS new music attached to this post. Just a little somethin’ somethin’ by Clear Soul Forces and Boog Brown called Sound of the City, on a Black Milk beat. Ayyyeee. Check it out here

Peace, Imani



Late? Yes. But as my blogging cohorts can attest, this previous year has been haze and pre-revolution. This is my brief 2014 recap…….enjoy?


HxH Returns

This last year was a fairly good one for anime with new series hitting the scene and beloved ones ending. It also seen the return of the highly popular series Hunter X Hunter in manga form and the anime wrapping up and ending the series in that format. With it being added in bulk on popular streaming sites like crunchy roll and Netflix, it has been thrust into the limelight at the perfect time. Shit real when you tackling 10-15 episodes a day. And the shit real.

From the mind of the great Yoshihiro Togashi (Yu-Yu Hakusho), the series was redone in 2011 and completed in the later half of the year. A Weekly Shōnen Jump Original, this series uses its character ambiguity to deliver story arc after arc of greatness wrapped in creative fighting straight out the spirit world. Read More


Two days ago Nancy Grace decided to take yet another shot at marijuana usage and invited rapper 2 Chainz to join the debate. Little did she know Tauheed Epps (which is 2 Chainz real name) brought his A game along with facts and owned the debate #TRUU. The full interview is below and from my point of view what is being shown below is obviously opinion vs. fact.

I think what’s crazy about debates such as this is that someone is always playing the blame game and brings in the tender “what if it was your child” argument. Even with the legendary Bill O’ Rielly vs. Cam’ron & Dame Dash interview fingers were being pointed when the REAL issue is home-grown. Read More


Got rich like a BITCH, I’ma do it again

Earlly Mac released a new single entitled Do It Again which features Big Sean and is from his EP “God Knows”. Due to be out January 27th. Because of all the excitement he will be having a free release party with special guest Chuck Inglish. Makes you wonder about what else this EP has to offer. Details are below.


Peace, Imani


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