Daaaaaammmmmmnnnnn, mother fucking finally! I’ve been waiting on something new from CSF for a while now. If you didn’t know we’ve been rocking with each other since I’ve been blogging (on Blogspot omg) and when they were pushing Clear Soul Radio. Now and days they’ve collaborated with a producer that goes by the name NAMELESS and they’re calling themselves The Fab Five. Exciting right?! Check out this “Backer SubWoofer Rap”!!

Welp, enjoy!

 Imani @AOmuff500


What I love to see is women totally winning in what may seem to be dominated by men. And this list can go on and on. This post isn’t going to turn into me bashing others who are also talented but I think it’s VERY important to recognize the women who are on their shit. I’M just saying, I’m proud of the many beautiful faces who are blossoming in the music industry (and many others but this is a music post so yeah).

For a while I’ve been seeing the name OHSO, De-lah-Ohso and most importantly DJOHSO. Whaaaat, she’s a DJ? Exactly. Long story short, shortly after I’ve become a fan.


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Literally the first time I’ve heard anything from PAX and I’m excited for what’s to come next!! Hmm…I guess we have no other choice but to wait and see! Shoot’em a follow on twitter or something @Just_Pax

Imani @AOmuff500


For all my geek and nerd friends out there I’m sorry to inform you guys if you haven’t already heard but Marvel is bringing to an end the Universes of its two main series alongside the “multiuniverses” that have had appearances and issues throughout the year . The Marvel and Ultimate universes we all regularly know and love are over alongside a shit load of ones we don’t. In SecretWars: Battleword characters from different earths thought alternate realities will fight in a facedown of cosmic proportions for reasons that are built in different Series for the past year. We’re promised fights along the line of Captain America vs Hulk infused Cyclops. Nick Fury vs a 1600 Punisher. Black Panther from an earth controlled Wakanda vs Thor from the Dark Reign series. Miles Morales Spider-Man vs A feral Dr. Doom. While those aren’t the matchups exactly, expect crazy shit like that to kick off throughout the whole series. Jon Moisan andis the mad mind behind this, a known editor for Marvel, responsible for later Ultimate Spider-Man issues and Avengers as well. * Confirmed teaser DR STRANGE POSSESSED PUNSIHER VS SPIDER-MAN HULK WOLVERINE AND GHOST RIDER* The realities are set to implode in May so look out for that. -MARS



ooYEyy1DSooo, I’m excited about my homie Richy Marciano releasing new music and glad to share his first single from #NottinghamPharmacy. It’s been quite a while since Saucy, Richy’s 4th tape, dropped and who doesn’t want something fresh to start off 2015 with? Now you have this track entitled Katanas which gives you a smidgen of an idea of what’s to come and I mean, you can’t go wrong with good music (produced by Triple-A) and asian cuisine…am I right. Read More


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