Am I the only one that thought of Alicia Keys U Don’t Know My Name video. This is a bit more cute and it shows the male being respectful with his approach. Aww. Anyway, A-minus and Semi-Six did their thing with sneaker infatuated love song and Nolan The Ninja produced it. I peeped the Next Lifetime sample. Good shit.

Enjoy, Imani @AOmuff500


Ever since I was a young tot, haha, “tot” I was always intrigued and frighted by the underwater creature on Super Mario 64. Not that shitty disgrace of an eel, which took me forever to get around for that star. But, the monster that depicts Scotland’s beloved hidden treasure known as the Loch Ness Monster. One nicknamed “Dorrie” and the other “Nessie”.

super_mario_64_dorrieEvery time I would find myself underneath the body of Dorrie I would hold my breath. I was terrified. Read More


This shit is cool.

a3180095574_2I went from listening to some old jazz to being distracted by a brightly colored picture with the word “DOODLE” on it. Once I seen who was behind it I immediately paused what I was listening to and pressed play. ILLingsworth is a Detroit native who’s also like…a beat magician. DOODLES is a mere glimpse for what he has in store for us later on. Kind of jazzy, kind of soulful; “Big things come in small packages”, basically. Not only will he be having a beat set at Metrotimes Blowout May 1st buuuuuuuut he also have a project, which will be on vinyl, coming out this summer on DJ House Shoes’ label Street Corner Music. Which, might I add, is an awesome opportunity! You go ILLingsworth!!

Question, for those who has an ear for samples and other sounds. Did I hear a pill being tossed from Dr. Mario on Channel Eng? Let me know!



There’s always a backstory…

The first time I had pho was in New York last October. Because I was an anime head I was always envious of the cartoon’s delicious foods. Especially the steamy veggie filled, silky beef lookin’, broth-y, seemingly infinite noodle bowl. PHO. Nigga, Goku would smash them shits every time he came home to ChiChi. It was probably just plain old ramen but shit, it looked luxurious to me.


My favorite foodie John (@JHNANDRADWMS) went to a restaurant named Johnny Noodle King on Fort street in Detroit. When I heard there was Pho available I imagined more than a couple of bowls but nah, I was wrong. Read More


I’m going to start off by saying this. The first Fantastic Four movie sucked a bouquet of malnourished balls. I mean technology wasn’t where it’s at today and the choice in actors…well, I guess. I guess that was what failed before but remakes happen and that’s perfectly fine. Especially in this case. Just like with any great super hero story something totally unexpected happens to a random citizen,powers come about and then the evil folks arise. Voilà, a great story emerges.

The cast consist of Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara (Susan Storm), Micheal B. Jordan (Human Tourch…*melts, coincidentally*), Jamie Bell (Thing) and Toby Kebbell (Doctor Doom). There’s other great actors buuuuuuut lets not act like we’re  here for everybody. Everyone loves the main characters but shout out to the supporting cast.

I’m super pleased with that fact that Jordan IS the Human Torch. Last year 20th Century FOX caught so much hell for casting a black man for that part REGARDLESS of him being a great actor. Fuck it uuuupppppppp Micheal yes please!!

For those who don’t understand “fuck it uuuuuppppppp” is sort of equivalent to the popular “break a leg” phrase.

The movie will be out in theaters August 17th, 2015. Get your fan tees together and enjoy <3

Imani @AOmuff500


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