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We're here to put you on the best coming out of the midwest and other major cities. Here at AOmarkerlove we understand that sometimes good ass music can be buried in this endless world of the internet so we dig deep for these gems and share them with those who are interested and/or need something new! Don't get me wrong, we never want to just be your average music blog therefore, if you're not into music we have so much more for you to explore! 

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If you need a platform to share a bit of yourself feel free to email @AOImani at submissions@aomarkerlove.com

We're currently looking for writers interested in sports, news, opinionated pieces, fashion and entertainment (movie, music ect.)

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  • Meet the mind behind the blog.

    I like complicated things, nature, writing and food. I love sharing experiences, hence the blog

    twitter: AOImani_ IG: AOImani

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  • We’re into poetry as well.

    Check out our writer Chani…and yes she’s a poet too, check her out here for updates!

    Did we mention she’s has a podcast as well? listen to the mindphukd on their soundcloud