Welp, Richy’s at it again with his new single Capers, produced by both Ashton Woods and Choice Gaines.

And if you didn’t know Capers is a well-known steakhouse on the east side of Detroit (On Gratiot). Be sure to treat yourself to a nice steak and follow Richy Marciano on sound cloud <3


I’m delighted to share something that was only supposed to be for me to proofread and enjoy. Also, this is my first time introducing a guest to this blog as another writer. John is actually one of my food buddies. He introduces me to new restaurants in the city and we love to review them. Now, this post isn’t food-related; it’s just an honest perspective on how dismissive people may be, the importance of accepting one selves and to always remember to laugh.


“It’s never THAT bad.” There’s always that asshole. There’s always gonna be that asshole. The “friend” that grows to be that corporate douche that refuses to go to parties/events/soirees that aren’t business casual unless it’s on his papa’s boat. Or the poet musician with a little bit of local fame that continuously plugs you with their trash ass material (but you’re that unconditionally supportive friend that gives the “BUT YOU’RE PERFECT/AMAZING!” speech when they don’t get that job after that interview they thought went “SOOOOOOOOOO WELL” or never get a call back from that guy/girl after that cheap, yet quirky and compatible date they thought went “SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WELL”) like seriously, fuck you guise. Worst friends ever fam.


Then there’s that 99.9% of people in your life who aren’t in your situation at all, but will still put in their two cents because they care. They wanna help. Or they just love to hear themselves speak. “It’s never that bad.” “Could be worse.” Although true at times, that shit is flat-out insane to me. To tell someone how to feel about or deal with something going on in THEIR life. Only thing I can think of crazier than that are the people who seek the opinions of others about their situations that only they should have input on. We all need a shoulder to lean on from time to time, but since when did we crave this sudden desire to be accepted by everyone? Why are we changing so much about ourselves to feel desired and accepted by “friends?” By complete fucking strangers? Be yourself. Accept yourself. Learn to appreciate the little things in life.


Now I know that sounds about as cheesy as a happy ending in a romantic comedy, but I really mean that shit. The day my life became 87% less shitty and skressful was the day I realized how fucking funny and awesome a majority of things are in life. Like watching someone go up on a Genius over some trivial shit and you hear them shout “I WAS TOLD BY APPLE CARE THAT BLAH BLAH BLAH SLAMMADAMADINGDONG!!!” I’ll laugh at that shit for a week straight. Watching a selfie stick being blown out of someone’s hand and them watching in horror as the phone slowly falls and is obliterated by the ground. People that take selfies of themselves crying for attention. The word “cheese.” “Mexico.” Kids falling down. The groans that tennis players make during the match. People tripping in the mall. People tripping or stumbling anywhere if we’re being honest. The word “butter.” The phrase “sick beats.”

Basically, everything is funny. Get out of your head for like 12 minutes and realize how great pretty much everything is. I promise it’ll make things a million times better. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go eat some cheesy Mexican food and laugh about it forever. Might tell this girl I love her for the millionth time. Dipset forever guise. Go outside and love some shit.




Celine Sciamma’s provides a masterful piece of cinema with her third coming of age film “Girlhood”. The film immediately pulls you in with two opposing all women football teams facing each other on the grid iron, foreshadowing the heavy hitting events to come. Often coming of age films focused on women are giving a soft treatment of love, heartache, assault and victimization. “Girlhood” (while presenting these elements at times) is not at all totally dependent on them. Instead it reveals the harsh complexities and choices that many individuals face in their life while also championing the ideas of choosing and finding happiness and freedom within the confines of social stratification.


Sciamma’s French drama debuted at the Caine’s Film Festival in May 2015. Much of its initial interest was piqued by the cast which (as unfortunate as it is) is almost exclusively black and primarily those of a darker complexion. Rarely in this medium at this level of production are people of color given the opportunity to show off their thespian talents. This is even more so true in countries that are not America. It is even rarer still to be presented a piece that does not try its hardest to exploit, demonize, ridicule or make a buffoon out of black culture. Bande de Filles (as it is called in French) generates a heavier and more appropriate view of modern French black life by visual association and denouncing typecast often show in other contemporary films. Led by Karidja Toure, Assa Sylla, Lindsay Karamoh, Marietou Toure as Marieme, Lady, Adiatou and Fily who each present an incredible range of emotion and easily display how we are all multi-dimensional people.

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I think it’s safe to say that the country is turning to shit. Day by day the news, on television to be VERY specific, is finding everything BUT the topic at hand (BLATANT RACISM) to bitch about. For instance…

images-11This morning Detroit’s police force decides to take it upon themselves to issue a warrant for street artist and activist Shepard Fairey’s arrest. And if you didn’t know, his work is everywhere. He’s the creative genius behind Obey the clothing line and is responsible for one of the biggest art pieces in Downtown Detroit; The mural that shadows Campus Martius, which is approximately 184-feet-by-60-feet. This fiasco is crazy to me because the city has beautiful artwork everywhere, literally. It’s not all downtown. Regardless of what the people can vouch for, the police plans on hand cuffing him once he steps on Detroit’s soil. Along with 5 years in Prison and a $10,000 bail. What in the entire fuck.Read More »