From my understanding the first Hopcat opened in 2008 in Grand Rapids and created a name for itself as one of the top bars in the US. Shortly after they’ve branched out to East Lansing and received awards for their food and beer. Sounds like something a little bit of everyone can enjoy!

This past Saturday my favorite foodie slash good friend John invited me to Hopcat’s grand opening here in Detroit. Because we went a little bit later into the evening we’ve missed the crack fries give away that apparently happened around 11:30am but the anticipation had locals camp out since 5:30 saturday morning. And yes, crack fries…delicious, crispy…best fries I’ve ever had. What makes this even more worth the wait is that you got them for free, FOR A WHOLE YEAR. Crazy right?

Keep in mind this was my first time even entering a Hopcat so the overall experience was fresh and eventful. Upon entering we found out that there was some sort of performance upstairs and instantly I’m like, this is the coolest place ever…


We did not attend the performance. We were there for the crack fries that we’ve smelled a couple of apartments away. Therefore we waited in a line, which wasn’t as hectic as from what I’ve heard about earlier in the day. Entering Hopcat and noticing the musicians on the wall was pretty awesome but sitting down at the bar and checking out their drink menu though…

Mind you there’s like over 120 different beers to choose from so I went ahead an asked my friend to order myself whatever he’s having. He knows his beer, trust me. We ordered two Steely Danzig and minutes after we were escorted to our table! John ordered the Fish n’ Chips, you know the deep-fried cod and crack fries, and I decided to order some mac & cheese. Sounds simple, well I decided to add chorizo, spinach, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms and my GAWD it was glorious! vscocam-photo-1

The staff was also a delight! Someone said I gave them “Rihanna”. I gave ‘em a hug, never heard that one before.

All and all, I had so much fun and throughly enjoyed myself at the Hopcat. I would recommend everyone to check it out! Even in the daytime you can grab some food with family, including children! Very chill environment!!


Would you look at that. I’m pretty sure if you’ve searched through this blog and many others Chavis Chandler’s an artist that has always been relevant for the past couple of years. Luckily Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97 decided to picked his brain and exploit him to the nation with this interview. So if you don’t know, now you know…


Allow me to remind you all that this is merely opinion and not fact. You know, before anyone jumps the gun and decides to shun down this post with negative remarks or what have you. Besides, I’m going keep it short and cute.

…And I don’t necessarily want to say “recently” because police brutality (unjustly crime in general )has been around for generations and as long as we submit as a unit it’ll continue to go on. Within the past couple of years I’ve watched the news whilst keeping up with politics via social networks (twitter especially) and there has been an uproar with young and old because these people are getting little to nothing, punishment wise, for their wrong doings. So naturally, we’re going to speak up.

When we speak up we bring awareness. It’s not simply yelling, it’s more so educating and allowing our voices to be heard. Little do you know, there is power in words and marches. No we’re not our here assaulting cops, and yes we should think of a clever way to fight back but as of right now allow people to stand up for what they believe in. To scold someone for partaking in something that is peaceful and positive sort of disappoints me. Simply because when I was out protesting amongst peers is wasn’t about being seen by the ones that you know but we’re putting our views to work and teaching. Plus we’ve all been proactive in our community aside from protesting.

I shouldn’t have to say this to justify a no brainer, but, if it was someone who’s close that fell victim to police brutality you would also want justice. And I’m honestly not trying to hear about “black on black” crime OFF THE STRENGTH that in those predicaments someone is being arrested unlike the pigs who are on vacation, enjoying their families. The judicial system is clearly fucked and something must be done.

The WORLD is protesting with us. Other countries are watching and can empathize with what’s going on! That’s power. So until then, save your smart remarks. If you’re not contributing your time you have no reason to belittle others.

Peace to Chantel Watkins here in Detroit for putting together #ICANTBREATHEDETROIT. I wasn’t able to attend because of work but the turn out was awesome!



DCCOVERSOLO Recently DJ Bleek, who’ve hosted numerous events including The Mixer (here in Michigan for the out of town-ers), decided to host an EP filled with some of Detroit’s finest. In addition to music from Chavis Chandler, Shaun Carlo, DaG and many others, there are also a series of videos on youtube. It’s a nice mixture of music on one EP. Definitely something that you can ride to. Hopefully there will be a part 2 in the near future! You hear that DJ Bleek, hopefully!!! Read More


Remember that video that surfaced a bit ago that featured Tony Hawk and Schoolboy Q on a hoverboard that had the internet burning? Remember the disappointment you felt knowing your childhood dream was crushed because of some dicks with money? I do….I do. Then came Hendo.

I stumbled upon this through the miracles of this here intrawebs and was skeptical at first sight. As one should, I peeped the video a couple of times, looked up the company and found their kickstarter page. This is legit people. Read More


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