As much as I want to get into the history…I won’t. I will spare you all.

Another job well done, Lawrence.

Imani @AOmuff500


As I do my usual scroll down my twitter timeline yesterday morning I notice something that kinda stuck out a bit. It had been introduced that Miles Morales, the young, black hispanic Spider-man, was being introduced into the all new, revamped Avengers roster. While most of us are familiar with the kid, this will most definitely propel him further into the spotlight as one of the more popular black super heroes of our time… miles_morales_is_spider-man-guess-who-andrew-garfield-wants-to-see-as-the-next-spider-man This realization sent me on a mental journey filled with childhood memories and moments that resurfaced and I thought to myself about all the black super heroes and villains I’ve come across. The strongest, the fastest, the smartest, the first, just about everything went through my mind and honestly felt as if comic books, at least some of the major publications, have tried to be as progress as possible. Adding on Marvel taking control of its movie franchise has cemented that it’ll seep over into film. Black Panther for starters. But this is just a dedication to a couple of the most beloved black heroes that have floated past a young 90’s kids pupils. Read More


My legs are wrapped around my boyfriend as I write and he work but while doing so I’m listening to Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly. This morning when I was cooking breakfast I was listening to D’Angelo’s Black Messiah and literally yesterday I was giving my parents a listen to J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hill Drive & Joey’s B4 DA MONEY . Because like, they need to know.

Anyway, some pretty solid projects have been coming out to where I’m no longer timid to run away from third-party sites and temporarily download music. Can’t even front, I use spotify sometimes. And even back then I used Limewire and Imeem. I loved Imeem (Fuck Myspace). Cool, convenient sites indeed but I KNOW artist aren’t making the mulah they was 10 years ago. Even before then you had to physically purchase what they dished out regardless if you we’re interested solely because of the single. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. Buying. Read More



One of the many Nightmericans, who goes by Gully, caught my ear with his sort of grainy style of music when I first heard him perform something along the lines of, “JUST GIMME A REASON BOW BOW!!”….Obviously there was a couple of verses and all that jazz but that alone grabbed me. But, allow me to give you all a brief introduction on who the Nightmericans are… Read More


Yo! Guess what monster sized, human eating, chaos and action filled anime is making its big screen debut? Bitch you gue…okay it’s Shingeki No Kyojin or what we stateside call, Attack On Titan. For those of you living under a fuckin boulder, the series takes place in a world where the human race has been dwindled and confined to the walls of enormous cities, all sheltered off from the outside. And what lies outside is fuckin terrifyingly, skyscraper sized, naked, smiling, humanoid beasts known as Titans. These monsters eat people, plain and simple, in the most vial of ways.

The series focuses around the military force and a few who are destined to embark on an adventure filled with high-paced action, adrenaline, and death and it’s all coming to the big screen in live gut wrenching action. I’ll spare you who it’s staring cause its Japanese niggas but peep the video below for the gore fest coming live sometime in August this year.- Mars


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