Late? Yes. But as my blogging cohorts can attest, this previous year has been haze and pre-revolution. This is my brief 2014 recap…….enjoy?


HxH Returns

This last year was a fairly good one for anime with new series hitting the scene and beloved ones ending. It also seen the return of the highly popular series Hunter X Hunter in manga form and the anime wrapping up and ending the series in that format. With it being added in bulk on popular streaming sites like crunchy roll and Netflix, it has been thrust into the limelight at the perfect time. Shit real when you tackling 10-15 episodes a day. And the shit real.

From the mind of the great Yoshihiro Togashi (Yu-Yu Hakusho), the series was redone in 2011 and completed in the later half of the year. A Weekly Shōnen Jump Original, this series uses its character ambiguity to deliver story arc after arc of greatness wrapped in creative fighting straight out the spirit world. Read More


Two days ago Nancy Grace decided to take yet another shot at marijuana usage and invited rapper 2 Chainz to join the debate. Little did she know Tauheed Epps (which is 2 Chainz real name) brought his A game along with facts and owned the debate #TRUU. The full interview is below and from my point of view what is being shown below is obviously opinion vs. fact.

I think what’s crazy about debates such as this is that someone is always playing the blame game and brings in the tender “what if it was your child” argument. Even with the legendary Bill O’ Rielly vs. Cam’ron & Dame Dash interview fingers were being pointed when the REAL issue is home-grown. Read More


Got rich like a BITCH, I’ma do it again

Earlly Mac released a new single entitled Do It Again which features Big Sean and is from his EP “God Knows”. Due to be out January 27th. Because of all the excitement he will be having a free release party with special guest Chuck Inglish. Makes you wonder about what else this EP has to offer. Details are below.


Peace, Imani


I don’t remember a gotdamn thing about 2014. I smoked way too much I worked too many hours but a couple things stuck out to me.

1.Star Wars



One of the most pivotal series to my growth and development as a human being has resurfaced. The Star Wars series is without a doubt my favorite. Films,television series,games you name it I’ve dabbled in it. We all know that a new film is set to be released in the year of our lord (Lord Vader) 2015, but what most people and large number of fans don’t know is due to the purchase of Lucas Arts by Disney much of the continuity outside of the major films was removed from canon and placed inside a sort of “what if” universe. This means that all of the Star Wars extended universe literature, video games, television series are not apart of the timeline. Galen Marek and the start of the rebel alliance? nope. Darth Raven and the Mandelorian war? noap. Luke Skywalkers children and marriage to Maria Jade? Noap.  This isn’t a bad thing all around because some of the Extended Universe is just plain insane like how one Luke Skywalkers children is trained by a puppy like alien in the ways of the force. You can’t make this shit up. As for the new film I was pleased to hear that many of the key roles are held by african americans since it often seems like we aren’t allowed in the murky and diverse waters of sci-fi and fantasy. Lupita Nyon’g and John Boyega are among the epic space operas cast with John Boyega being one of the first faces seen in the trailer. Look out for Star Wars: The Force Awakens December 18th 2015.

2. The Legend of Korra


Korra is bisexual and while I don’t claim to be an expert on social constructs, human sexuality, representation or anything of the like I am extremely happy. Happy because a popular american cartoon pushed the envelope and said this happens. People have different sexualities and its more than okay its beautiful, it’s love, it’s the same love. We as a culture have got to stop keeping our children from the real world. More characters in animation, video games and graphic novels should be much multifaceted individuals and not have their sexuality be this over-zealous brimming trait. There are feminine hetero men, there are masculine heterosexual women, there is gender neutral bi-sexual people and this should absolutely continue to be represented in media; especially children’s media so that they understand from a young age that it isn’t weird, creepy, strange or out of the ordinary. Kudos to Nickelodeon.

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With all the uproar going on, both in the streets on the internet, a young man decided to voice his concerns via mic. Kaylen Ivory best know as Detroit Kulture decided to put his gift to work in his single BROTHERS featuring Masia May. Who are both from the westside of Detroit. As sensitive as the topics may be it’s something we can all relate to and I love to see young people especially give their two cents from all around.

Give it a listen and download BROTHERS



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