IMG_1445My first weekend in NY, being currently unemployed, was interesting. I had to add in that whole unemployed thing because it makes the biggest difference. I’m not anticipating having to go home, I’m just here…and that’s cool.

Friday we went to a BBQ and my boy did shrooms for the first time. There was beer and burgers being served. Two things that my heart can never deter. I met some new people and seen one familiar face, which was cool since NY is filled with like a ba’jillion people. Don’t mind my usage of “ba’jillion”, I do what I want (not really).

My friend, who was also my co-worker…whom I’ve adopted as a little bro found shrooms and ate them shits with a beer. He was foolin’.

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Hey you all…

I was expecting for Nolan to spit a bit of something but turns out that this video is simply something that you can vibe to, with his own personal touch. Him, director Brandon Damon, and others gives viewers a small tour of the fruits that Detroit has to offer. Watch as they go from People’s record store and end up at SGT. Pepperoni while listening to Elation (If I’m not mistaken it’s a sample from  Common’s I Still Love H.E.R.).

…and if you’re interested in any of the places that Nolan visited check out the links below!

People’s Records

AYV Clothing Store

Paramita Sound 

American Coney Island (Even though I personally prefer Lafayette’s)

SGT Pepperoni (It’s inside of the Majestic Theater)

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I always have such a hard time figuring out what I’m going to munch on after I smoke a bit of oowee (old head term for WEED). Many times I wonder aimlessly throughout a convenient store confused as to what my taste buds would fancy or I would know EXACTLY what I want, grab it, and then buy a shit ton of whatever else. Burning my already starving pockets. That shit happens EVERY TIME. The extra snacks, 9 times out of 10, are foods that I wouldn’t dare to eat sober. Crazy what weed would do. But there are a few snacks that I keep dear to my heart which makes, making a decision, SO much easier.


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So for the summer I’ll be on the east coast pushing my blog, making some appearances on…stuff (super secret as of right now) and “excited” is definitely an understatement.

I’ve changed the title of this post about 3 different times. Thinking of titles is top 3 things I hate doing, low-key, right next to folding clothes and unclogging a sink full of old dish water and food. I cringe. My boy Smiley (@picasso_vs_plato on instagram) decided to comment on an instragram picture with, “Surviving in Brooklyn new daily blog post? How about it”….WHAT! YES! As simple as it sounds it works for me and boom, here we go….

This morning I decided to cook breakfast and tried to give my boyfriend a better outlook on eggs. He hates eggs, so much…and that’s something no one would change but like I said, I tried. I made a chorizo and spinach scramble along with some parmesan grits and mango. Gave the rest of the mango to a guy that was working in the yard. He looked at me like I was fucking crazy. Like I sprinkled crack on the mango. He must not be used to a strange young woman giving away fruit on a hot day.

It’s almost 3 o’clock and I feel like a bum. My mind is still stuck around 11am. I didn’t even do my morning gongyo and other prayers. It won’t hit me that I’m in another state until a week from now. It won’t hit me that I quit my job until I receive my last check from Claire’s. Good thing I saved up. I’m ready to explore once my full belly becomes the opposite. I guess I should get myself together too…

Off to rule the world? That’s coming soon.

Imani AOmuff500


It’s something about a super group that collabs with a mastermind. It makes sense, like why hasn’t this happened years ago when I first heard Pick Up Sticks. Needless to say NAMELESS and Clear Soul Forces gave us Fab 5ive, entitled Fab 5ive for obvious reasons :). While putting a stamp on new aged hip-hop they’ve also touched basis on what’s going on in today’s society such as the racial tension with authorities on Gamma Ray. 

nkdUzgcf Might I add, listening to Fab 5ive was very different for me. In a good way of course! I’m not too familiar with NAMELESS but now I can say I am a fan of his beats. No matter how smooth the transitions are from one song to another I was impressed by how different each song was..

[personal note] It’s crazy to me that CSF isn’t “out here”…like a massive amount of people know them and love their music but in OUR city I’m giving them the deets on who they are. It’s cool to watch an artist grow and prosper. Baby steps I guess.


What’s super cool about this album is that if you have a record player, you lucked up. I mean, you can download it, listen to it on spotify and all that jazz buuuuuut why not have an awesome blue and neon green/yellow record? Like, just to have. It’ll be cool. The colors and imitate details stand out and it’s appreciated by the audience.

If you haven’t already, check it out and maybe, most likely, buy it here 

Imani @AOmuff500